It's never been more important to plan for your future.
15th December 2009
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We all have financial commitments of varying degrees, and some people have been more affected than others by the dreaded R-word (recession).

Now I'm no financial whiz-kid, but even I'm more aware of how the financial system - if not the market - works. I like many people am now more up to date with how credit scores, debt management, debt collection and forward planning all work.

This is mostly because the information from the 'experts' is more accessible now to Joe Public, but also because money isn't such a dirty word anymore and friends and families tend to talk more about their own (or lack of it).

I think there's almost a shabby chic kudos nowadays in managing on a tight budget.

For those of us wanting to get a handle on our finances, and build for 'the future', then I strongly recommend sound financial planning. It's not so much a case of saving-for-a-rainy-day anymore (which always made me think of saving to do something nice), but more to prevent the feeling of panic most of us have touched on at some point in the last 2 years.

The Best of Canterbury Member Facts & Figures Financial Planners are a trusted firm of financial planners who speak Plain English, and make the financial world more accessible to its clients. They also have a Memeber's Special Offer running until the end of December, which as it saves you money, is a good start already...


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