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28th December 2009
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As we welcome another new year in this week (bring it in for a cup of tea, offer it a cake), my thoughts have turned to resolutions.

I'm bored of the usual "I promise to lose weight" and "I'll do more exercise" - this year I want to feel like I'm making a proper difference (to my own life if no-one else's).

How to achieve this? I'm (sadly) not related to Lord Von-Money-Bags, so my resolutions will have to have a realistic target in terms of costs and goals.

So my friends and I have come up with a plan: we are going to take it in turns to organise days out(roughly once a month), and there are only a few simple rules. Make it fun, keep it local, and keep the budget appropriate.

Now as the mastermind behind this underground movement, I've drawn the straw of being first up.

I have to come up with a day out by January 16th.

My first port of call after blogging this will be the Canterbury Events Pages here on The Best Of Canterbury, then a trawl through our Canterbury Business Categories. Next I shall move onto Google for inspiration, at which point I'm hoping a particle of inspiration will slug me in the back of the head.

Any ideas?

Let me know what your resolutions are by commenting on this blog or emailing us here at canterbury@thebestof.co.uk

Good luck!


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