Easter Holidays - What if it rains??
31st March 2010
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With the school Easter holidays stretching out before us, parents in Canterbury and across Kent are in need of something to help keep the little darlings amused.

And with the current run of luck we've been having with the weather, there's no guarantees of a suitable day for outdoor activities - it certainly won't do you any harm to have a few rainy-day activities up your sleeve before all hell breaks out..

One website my wife and I use regularly for inspiration with the kids is The Activity Village.

As with many of these sites, you have to ignore the advertising bannersĀ  & sponsored links (I suppose they need to fund the site somehow), but the ideas they have are worth looking for.

With Family Recipes, Colouring Pages, Puzzles, Crafts, Games, Origami, Seasonal Ideas and loads more, it's an invaluable source of inspiration - and the best thing is, you don't have to let on the the Small Children-People in your house that you pinched the idea off the internet - let them think you're clever and creative all by yourself. A bit of Parental Marketing can go a LONG way.

So don't despair if you run out of ideas for days out in Canterbury, or the weather makes owning a boat seem like a good idea - get online, and take comfort in someone else's great activities!


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