Could you boost your income in 2010?
8th March 2010
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Now, I'm all for getting out there and earning an honest guinea, and I firmly believe that there's no better way to boost the local economy than to lift bum, work, spend, work, spend.

However, I'm nothing if not realistic, and if I had the chance to get a discount on my Council Tax, or an increase in my Tax Credits, of course I'd want to suss it out. I'm also aware that not everyone is in a position to work, for many reasons, or are on such pitifully poor incomes they cannot realistically live a full life with today's average living expenses.

Consequently, Canterbury City Council are currently promoting the work of one of their partners: the Kent Benefits Partnership, who try to ensure that those who need a little extra help, get it.

Figures released from a Department for Work and Pensions Survey has revealed that not all monies allocated to residents in terms of tax credits, pension credits, council tax discount or housing benefit are actually being claimed:

    •    4 out of 5 low paid workers without children miss out on tax credits worth at least £38 per week*
    •    ½ of all working households do not receive the housing benefit they are entitled to – on average £37.60 per week*
    •    Despite Kent Benefits Partnership (KBP) efforts to date thousands of Kent’s pensioners are still missing out on £31 per week in pension credit*
    •    Less than ½ of owner occupiers and private tenants receive the council tax benefit they are entitled to – on average £13 per week*
* figures from Department for Work and Pensions Survey

Kent Benefits Partnership offer free confidential assistance - in your own home if you need it.

If you're on a low income, it could be worth getting in touch. Presumably if you're on a reasonable to high income, you're not entitled to anything, but who knows what the thresholds are?

Contact Kent Benefits Partnership on 0845 345 0310, between 1pm and 5 pm or email


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