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19th April 2010
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We've just joined the local Canterbury Neighbourhood Watch Association.

We briefly wondered whether our curtain-twitching credentials were up to scratch, but all joking aside it's not like that at all.

The Canterbury & District Neighbourhood Watch Association has come a long way since it's creation in 1995, and rightly understands that the best people to notice if anything is wrong in a community are those people living right in the very heart of it.

It's not about snooping on your neighbours but all about being aware of normal activity in the area where you live, and knowing it well enough to notice when things aren't right. From the protection and support of local elderly and vulnerable people, to crime and prevention, we can all play a part. Help is also at hand for specific issues like anti social behaviour, faulty street lighting and 'bogus' callers.

It's easy to become a member of the Canterbury & District Neighbourhood Watch Association, and it helps to cement our sometimes ailing communities closer together, supporting, protecting, and communicating with each other - harking back to "the good old days" of the great British community spirit.

For more info, email the Canterbury & District Neighbourhood Watch or call 01227 744746

We've lived some time in our street, and haven't got to know many of the neighbours terribly well - you don't nowadays, do you? We're hoping that being in the Neighbourhood Watch will go some way to changing this.

Now do excuse me, I just have to go and see who that black car belongs to....


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