Cathedral gets a celebrity tour guide
31st May 2011
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One of the nation’s favourite newsreaders from the 1980s, Jan Leeming, is to become a volunteer at Canterbury Cathedral.  After starting a course back in January and passing the relevant exam last month, Miss Leeming will be joining the small army of volunteers at the cathedral, helping tourists in 2-hour shifts over the weekends.  It was because of a tour Miss Leeming took herself, that she joined the volunteers, as she explains,

‘One day as I walked through the entrance, I asked a guide named Joan where the stained glass of the Princes in the Tower was.  She took me to the Royal Window and we talked for 20 minutes, during which time I said, “I do envy you doing this”.  She said, “You could do it too!” It was because of Joan that I signed up.’

Other cathedral staff seem happy to have a bit of glamour injected into the job, and Canon Clare Edwards added that Miss Leeming’s decision to sign up will hopefully encourage others to volunteer.

Blogging just last month, Miss Leeming said she was thrilled to have passed but would still need to bone-up on all the history.

I for one will be seeking her out at the weekends for a tour!

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