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27th January 2010
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At a time when people are generally over Christmas and New Year, and directing their attentions to home improvements for the coming year, I've been thinking about sorting out my own house.

I've tackled may of the key rooms in our house already, but the bathroom seems to have slipped off the radar and is looking more student-rent than boutique-chic. Not that I like most of the "I want my house to look like a hotel" design ideas that seem ubiquitous on home improvement shows,  so I'll be after something a little bit different.

I'm pleased to see that one of our own local members, Ripples, in Iron Bar Lane and experts in bathroom design, haven't jumped the bandwagon of same-old same-old. Their showroom offers spectacular settings for more traditional or contemporary bathroom furniture, really giving you an idea for what's really possible. Drop yourself into most bathroom showrooms and you could be anywhere - not so with Ripples.

I'm just hoping that their reportedly excellent customer service extends to endless patience as me and my better half squabble, change our minds, disagree, worry and generally stress ourselves into a new bathroom.

Sorry good people of Ripples, we'll be along shortly...


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