Bang! Another Chestnut Bites The Dust
11th October 2010
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At this time of year, one of my greatest pleasures is Chestnut hunting locally.

It's a brilliant way to get out and about in the country, with an aim - bags of delicious Chestnuts ripe and ready for roasting when you get home.

And if you happen to stumble into a pub for lunch somewhere along the way, then that's a bonus too...

We usually 'go it alone' in October as it were, but this year I'm tempted to join this organised walk listed on thebestof Canterbury Events pages:


Chilham, Chalk and Chestnut

A walk from Chilham Station

Walk starts at 9.45am

A walk led by Jon Shelton of Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership
The walk will go across the Great Stour up onto the Kent Downs, through the ancient woods of Denge and Eggringe, returning past magnificent mansions and through Chilham.

Time out for a pub lunch or you can bring a picnic.
Tickets £7 from Canterbury Festival Box Office

Tel: 01227 787 787

Chilham Station Ashford Road
 CT4 8EG


So get out there and make the most of any fine weather this October, and chase those pesky little Chestnuts down!


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