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18th March 2010
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Visiting my sister this weekend, I was dragged along to a fitness class. Yes, you heard me, I donned tracksuit and went to a class. WIth female types. And I loved it.

No, nothing to do with women in lycra (although I think I got the better end of the bargain, given what they had to look at in me), and nothing to do with my initial trepidation about the stereotype I expected from the class.

It had everything to do with actually enjoying it, feeling like I'd achieved something, and that I wasn't in fact the only many there. And no-one suggested at any point that I wear a toweling head band or leg-warmers.

It was a Body Balance class ( I know - my first reaction was: ?)
It's a mixture of yoga, tai chi, pilates and some other stretchy moves I've no clue about.

During the techniques session before the official class, I wondered exactly how I was expected to stay upright without falling over, let alone reach the bits that seemed to be obligatory with each apparently 'gentle' pose. I mean, should you really twist hips that way and push elbows under shoulders like that without having an ambulance waiting outside, engine running?

But I was pleasantly surprised, and let the paramedics go home about half way through, when I realised I could take it at my pace, pull and push as much as I needed and no further (and believe me there are limits to my flexibility!)

So on my return to Canterbury on Sunday night, I looked at where I could do classes round here. The closest in kind that I've found is at Body Active, where they run Yoga Tone and a whole host of other classes. If a yoga-based class doesn't appeal to you, they do Total Body Toning, Circuits 4 All, and Amazing Abdominals, and Aerobics With Results.

Body Active is also the place to go it seems for nutrition advice, massage (I'll need one) and personal trainers - now that I'll look into as well.

The new leaner me? Ask me again in a couple of months....


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