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Wildthing, based in Canterbury, offer wildlife management services specifically designed to help those planning to develop land for commercial or residential use and ensure compliance to all relevant wildlife legislation.


Wildlife Consultants



"We do the wildthing so you don't have to"


Wildthing are a Canterbury based wildlife consultancy practice who specialise in wildlife management and nature conservation.

Wildthing can produce:

· Full Ecological Surveys

· Wildlife Management Plans

· Site Evaluations

· Work Plans

· Planting and Landscape Plans

· Ecological Designs

· Risk Assessments

· Tree Surveys and Assessments to BS 5837



Are you trying to build the future of tomorrow?


Is time running out on your planning application because the wildlife thing was not covered?


Are you confused by the wildlife legislation and you don't know where to turn?


Wildthing is available to help, our Canterbury based experienced wildlife management consultants understand the construction process, are commercially aware and work very closely with the development team from pre-contract to post-maintenance.

Phil Bolton started Wildthing to preserve, conserve and restore natural environments throughout Canterbury, Kent and Sussex. His 28 years experience in wildlife management provides customers with a fast, flexible, and professional service combined with the reassurance of expert advice regarding all wildlife management issues.

Wildthing works to the ethical standards set out by CIRIA (Construction Industry Research & Information Association) CIRIA set out a 4 point plan;

AVOID - Disturbing the natural habitat and wildlife when developing land.

MITIGATE - Minimise the impact the development has on the natural habitat and wildlife. This can be done by moving the foot print of the building or if this is not possible by putting up bat boxes in another part of the site if bats are to be disturbed by the development.

COMPENSATE - Improve the habitat that was originally at the site of the development, for example by planting food plants such as hazelnut trees for dormice.

ENHANCE - For example, ensure hedgerows are connected to woodland to ensure wildlife can move safely between environments.


Wildthing's aim:

· Protect and conserve wildlife and the natural environment for the future generations of Canterbury, Kent and Sussex.

· To integrate the built and natural environments through pro-active partnerships between developer, architects and planners to produce wildlife friendly living spaces.


We provide wildlife management services for:

· Developers

· Architects

· Solicitors

· Town & Country Planners

· Agriculture (Wildlife management)

· TV& Radio

· Schools and Colleges

· Park Rangers & Estate Managers


We have provided wildlife management services to many clients who have benefited from our fast, flexible and professional service. Piermont Planning Consultants, Crowborough said:

"Wildthing worked closely with us as we prepared a recent planning application. They understood our needs fully, and helped us bring in the application on time".

Oakley New Homes Ltd of Tunbridge Wells wanted a report within a week! We were only too happy to oblige.


We guarantee a quote within 24 hours of receiving the project information.
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"We do the wildthing so you don't have to"



Please mention thebestof Canterburywhen contacting Wildthing Wildlife Management Consultants


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Wildthing worked closely with us as we prepared a recent planning application. They understood our needs fully, and helped us bring in the application on time'' - Piermont Planning Consultants
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