The Canterbury Tales

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What a great afternoons entertainment! This experience made a subject which I had always regarded as a bit dry, very entertaining.It was also great fun for all my family and very informative.Don't visit Canterbury again with out a visit to the Canterbury Tales you'll love it!
I visited the Canterbury tales with my Mummy and Daddy. Some of the tales were really funny, especially the Millers tale - serves him right! It also made me glad that we have very nice dentists today unlike the old days. I liked the tales so much it has made me want to find out more and have found a good book at my library. If other children get a chance to go I would say yes as it really is good and you will learn lots!
Paul L's wife says "I visited the Canterbury Tales with my husband and 10 year old - what a great tourist attraction - very entertaining, especially for my 10 year old! I would definitely recommend it as great activity for families."
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