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Where have all the lions gone? We all remember Born Free and its powerful message. Surely lion populations are now protected and recovering after all that exposure and popular interest? Not so, and their plight looks only to worsen unless drastic measures are taken. Lion Aid, a Kent based charitable organisation, needs your support to help save the African lion from the very real threat of extinction.



Where have all the lions gone?


In less than 50 years the African lion


may be extinct in the wild!



LIONAID is a campaigning charitable organisation with a mission to raise public and media awareness of the plight of African lions and direct charitable funds towards effective research and support initiatives.



Based in Dover, Kent, with partners in Africa, LIONAID has a programme of innovative and attention-grabbing initiatives across the UK. Keep an eye on the media and in your local city centre for LIONAID's striking and thought-provoking activities.



LIONAID's aim is to expose the difficult issues surrounding conservation of lion populations in Africa. The plight of the lions is not related just to habitat. There are difficult social, economic and political issues influencing decisions that affect lion populations and their environment. LIONAID is not afraid to talk about these issues and challenge the status quo in relation to lion conservation.



And the status quo does need challenging. Clearly efforts to preserve and support lion populations is failing as their numbers continue to decrease drastically - from an estimated 200,000 in the 1960s to just 20,000 today.



Who doesn't admire this beautiful, unique and iconic creature? Can you imagine a world where lions are extinct? What a terrible loss that would be. Yet that is the where the current path leads.



You can support LIONAID by donating funds or in other ways. Please visit our website and look out for our campaigns. The African lion needs all our support, now.

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