Dermalux LED treatment for just £15.00
  • Valid until: 30/09/2021
Dermalux LED treatment for just £15.00
🤩LED light therapy for multiple benefits.✔️Anti Bacterial ✔️Wrinkle Reduction ✔️Increased Blood Flow & Healing. LED light therapy emits low level light into the skins’ epidermis stimulating protein renewal - the building blocks of our skin. - Blue light is anti-bacterial and is used for treatment and control of acne-treatment recommended 2-3 times per week. - Yellow light reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates skin by stimulating fibroblasts and reducing MMPs that breakdown and damage collagen. - Red light was developed and studied by NASA stimulates oxygen, blood flow and healing. Booked in for a facial this month? Add on a Dermalux LED treatment for just £15.00.😊Call 01543 450799 to book.
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