Will you still be supported on 11th April 2017?
27th January 2017
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Here at HQ, we see a lot of our customer’s machines coming in causing their owners issues due to old operating systems like Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft is due to end support for Windows Vista on 11th April 2017 the same as it did with XP. It may seem as if your machine is running fine at first and this may be the case for some time, but this will be short-lived and will have ramifications the longer you use an outdated machine.

When Microsoft send important security and feature updates to all users, it is very vital that you let those run.  Once Microsoft ceases to support Vista, they will stop releasing updates to Vista machines, eventually causing your machine to stop functioning correctly. When your machine isn’t up to date you leave yourself open to security breaches putting your personal details at risk, especially if you use your machine for internet banking.

Once your machine starts causing you issues it is going to be very difficult to rescue any data or software that you have purchased and installed onto your machine once support has ended, so our advice to all Vista users is to update your machine before Microsoft ends Vistas support.

Here at Nerds HQ will be offering a £50 trade in for vista machines, until 11th April 2017, against the purchase of one of our refurbished machines. We understand that the transition to a new operating system can be difficult, our Nerds highly recommend Windows 10 and we can help you out with the basics once you have purchased your new machine!

Don’t let yourself run into problems, upgrade before Vista support ends and get £50 off a refurbished machine! For more information call 01543 468 6511 or call into our Nerds HQ retail showroom.

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