7 reasons sliding doors are perfect for your bedroom ... reasons 5 & 7 you would probably never have thought of!
16th October 2018
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Maximise Bedroom Floor Space

Using sliding doors in a bedroom can make the most of the floor space as without hinged doors or drawers that come out into the space; sliding doors simply reveal the contents of your wardrobe with no need to dodge swinging doors, or step back and trip over your bed.


Sliding doors from Goliath are available in a huge range of styles and finishes. With gloss or matt finishes, wood grain, coloured glass to name just a few. Whatever the style of your bedroom, Goliath can create the perfect sliding doors to suit. Panels can be sectioned to allow greater flexibility. Mirrored doors continue to be very popular as can give the impression of larger space and take away the need for a mirror elsewhere in the room. Bedside tables and dressers can also be provided to perfectly match sliding door wardrobes.

Maximise Storage Space

Behind your sliding doors you can let your imagination run wild and tailor the storage to your personal needs. Storage may include hanging rails, shoe compartments, shelves and anything else required. This storage space doesn’t have to be kept the neatest as slide the door closed and all is hidden.

Clean and Dust Free  

Sliding doors allow all the available space to be used to its fullest. Don’t waste space above a traditional stand alone wardrobe that simply acts as a dust trap, or somewhere occasional shoes in boxes are stuffed. Goliath can design wardrobes with sliding doors that run floor to ceiling to avoid a dust trap and give you maximum storage space.

Room Divider

Sliding doors are perfect for wardrobes, but their use doesn’t stop there. Sliding doors can be used as a room divider, allowing the creation of a walk in wardrobe space ‘hidden’ behind a sliding door. The Goliath bedroom consultants can discuss how sliding doors can be used in bedrooms of all sizes to suit needs.

Adding Value

Sliding door wardrobes from Goliath will add appeal to any property and positively affect perceived value and quality. Quality, durable, integrated storage space is highly desirable in properties of any age and investing in sliding doors from Goliath will ease stress for you whilst also acting as an investment in the property. People say kitchens and bathrooms sell houses...but a quality bedroom will also add value.

No Flat Pack Misery

Goliath provides a complete service for sliding doors. This means customers can visit the Goliath Homeworld showroom to see the vast range of finishes available, arrange a home visit from a surveyor to measure the space before units and doors are manufactured and then professionally fitted. This prevents any flat pack construction afternoons that result in wobbly furniture that has a limited lifespan and fails to take the weight of an extensive handbag / shoe / jacket collection.

Great Value

People often assume that due to the quality look and feel of sliding doors that they are an expensive option for bedroom storage. However, Goliath provides sliding doors solutions for less than you would think and have a range of internal storage solutions to suit all requirements and budgets.

Call Goliath Homeworld on Cannock (01543) 466464 or visit the showroom at Hawks Green, Cannock to discuss how sliding doors can enhance your bedroom and maximise storage.

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