4 pints and one for the driver for less than a tenner!
16th February 2015
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The cost of drinking continues to steadily rise and more and more drinking establishments of yesteryear disapprear. The Bridgtown Social Working Men's Club is one that seems to be bucking the trend in Cannock. The club is welcoming to all and has a good atmosphere, helped by the range of activities based out of the club, including pool, darts, bowls and a football team.

I recently visited the Club and enjoyed a drink with friends and was pleased that it dropped for my round in Bridgtown Social WM Club! 4 pints and a coke for the driver for less than a tenner is not something many places can match in 2015.

There is a full range of drinks including a selection of beers alongside the usual suspects of Carling etc. The atmosphere and prices have secured many regulars and the clubs membership (just a few quid a year) is rising with members of all ages. 

A snapshot of Bridgtown Social WM Club bar tariff...

Boddingtons £2.25

Carling £2.80

Guinness £3

Double Vodka & Coke £2.30

Coke 90p

Glass of wine £2.60

Why not enjoy a drink soon at Bridgtown Social WMC, and remember this is the place to get the round!


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