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I found Alan to be both professional and friendly. He is extremely helpful and informative, taking his time to explain various options and allowing time to make my decision. Alan provides an excellent service which makes him highly recommendable.
Alan is very professional, punctual, friendly and highly qualified. He gives good advice without being pushy, and gives you plenty of time to make your own decisions. He's never in a hurry and will spend the time and effort to make sure you fully understand the advice he is giving. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you Phil. It's a pleasure to have completed your annual financial planning review.
I hold Zenith in the highest regard due to both personal and professional excellent standards which I have always experienced in my dealings with the company.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you for your continued business. I look forward to meeting you for you annual review.
Excellent service, professional and courteous at all times, but also friendly and informative. Alan gave advice that met our needs perfectly. Would (and will) highly recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thanks Kath. I always feel good when I can add significant value to clients, like yourselves, who has a very good idea about what they want to do. Following our free initial consultation, you were armed with much greater information, and had a greater understanding of the features, benefits and drawbacks of the wide array of options at retirement, in order for you to make a fully informed decision. In the end, with my assistance, the solution was somewhat different to your original expectation. I'm so glad that I was able to help you save a significant amount of money from not paying unnecessary income tax and kept you've also now retained the option open for you to pass on your pensions to your children very tax efficiently. Thank you for your kind words and you valued custom. I look forward to seeing you next year for your annual review. Alan
Was very helpful and professional in assisting with our pension auto enrollment requirements.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you Ben, Auto Enrolment and pensions are an important item on business' and charities agendas due to the legal requirements to have a workplace pension scheme in place. Very pleased to help your charity fulfil it's obligations and I look forward to providing your employees with their workshops. Alan
Mike J, October 14. Received sound professional advice that has worked out in the very agreeable annuity Zenith have secured on my behalf. Thank you.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you Mike for your kind comments. Retirement is an important time. My advice gained you significantly more income that the quotes you had from your pension provider, which is why seeking independent financial advice from a Chartered Financial Adviser (such as myself) is so important, especially at retirement when there are so many options
Julie S March 2014 Alan has been extreamly helpful and advised me every step of the way in sorting out my pension sharing order. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with anything to do with pensions.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thanks Julie, I'm pleased I could help in securing your share of the pension as part of the divorce settlement. I look forward to reviewing the pension for many years to come.
Friendly easy to understand advice, taking into account the specific requirements of our organisation. Highly recommended.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you for your comments, it has been a pleasure to work with you and the charities trustees. I look forward to discussing Auto Enrolment with you and hope that we see you and your friends at one of our seminars in 2014.
I highly recommend Zenith, in particular Mr Alan Cox for his excellent professional yet personal approach which has given me total confidence in his assessment and management of my financial needs.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you for your kind comments. It was a pleasure to meet with you and I look forward to your first portfolio review early in 2014. I also hope to see you and a friend at one of our seminars in 2014.
Alan Cox of Zenith Asset Management took over the management of my pension about 5 years ago. He has been informative, friendly and professional. He has always explains things in layman's terms which enables me to understand everything in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone. Thank you Alan. Brian Hall, Lymm, Cheshire
I have used Alan Cox in a professional and personal capacity for several years and I have never known him to be anything other than helpful, knowledgable and understanding of his clients' needs. Alan is a first-class communicator and gives advice in a way that is easy to understand. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone.
Alan Cox of Zenith Asset Management has been providing my wife,son and myself financial advice since a disasterous invest experience with a national high street bank. The professional manner in which he has turned a major loss, now into profit, is a measure of the confidence we instill in him. This has led to us utilising other services he provides such advice on pensions and wills.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you, it's great to see your thoughts. Some organisations are focused on sales, and often fail to provide professional investment reviews. The regular monitoring of investments has been critical in helping you to recover the money lost through the advice your bank had provided. Markets, politics and economics change rapidly, therefore, investment portfolios really do need maintenance. I'm glad to see that you place so much confidence in the on-going service you receive, as it really does confirm my belief. And thank you for referring me to your son, to me that's the best testimonial I can have. Alan
We have always found Alan from Zenith Asset Management to be professional, reliable and approachable for all our financial problems. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing financial advice in the future.
Alan Cox of Zenith Asset Management has recently reviewed and taken over the management of my pensions. He was informative, offered a tailored package, friendly and professional. Highly recommended. Thank you Alan.
Alan Cox from Zenith Asset Management is the adviser for myself and my husband and has been most helpful with our investments. We are always delighted to welcome him to our home for our consultations.
I have used the services of Alan of Zenith Asset Management. I had a specific task/aim I required help with. Alan was just the man.
Alan Cox of Zenith has advised me on financial matters recently and has been informative, professional and very helpful in explaining financial planning to a nervous novice. Thanks very much.
I've known Alan Cox about 10 years now. My financial affairs were in total disarray. I found Alan extremely helpful. Overall it was the best move for me to let Alan handle my money affairs and he made me feel very secure. I couldn't be more pleased.
I had the good fortune to meet Alan Cox just when our financial affairs seemed very complicated. We were greatly relieved to entrust our affairs to Alan. We find him approachable and down to earth. He has taken a lot of time to get to know. We immediately felt in good hands as he was happy to explain everything to us. Alan inspires confidence and although we have not been with him for long we feel very well looked after.
Alan Cox has recently organised my 3 pensions into a single pension investment. All his financial advice has been thoroughly professional and presented in a very friendly manner. He takes the time to ensure that you understand every step needed to meet the requirements that you want from your investments.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Pensions are complicated, and many people change have a number of pensions left behind when they change jobs, and a collection of personal pensions following advice of their bank or previous financial advisers. As you have seen, it's not just about putting all your pensions in one place, but ensuring the investments within the pension are geared towards your objectives which are regularly monitored. I really look forward to meeting for your pension reviews for many years to come. Thank you for your comments.
One of the best financial reviews I have had over 20 years. Professional, friendly and open to listening. Make's you feel that you are in control and explains pro's and con's for your decision.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
It's vitally important that you understand not only the pro's but also the negatives and risks before making financial decisions, so thank you for highlighting this in your feedback. My role, as you have explained, is not just to provide a recommendation, it's to ensure you have a good understanding of what can happen. A diverse portfolio can help to reduce risk. I strongly believe that sound financial decisions can only be made based on sound information. You are also a very busy man, so I'm glad that you have made use of our "SKYPE" review service, so I look forward to our continued Skype meetings. Thank you for your kind comments.
Zenith have handled my matters with care, skill and experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
Alan Cox, the owner of Zenith Asset Management, has served as my financial adviser for a number of years. I am a chartered accountant and am expected to possess a good degree of financial knowledge and accumen. In my opinion, Alan Cox is an excellent financial adviser. He is a qualified chartered financial planner, a qualification which very few financial advisers possess. He is thorough and detailed in expediting his work and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs financial advice.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Thank you for your kind comments. You've made reference to my Chartered Financial Planning Qualifications which is equivalent to a Bachelor of science degree. The standard qualification for a financial adviser at this time is the equivalent of an 'O' level. I'm an advocate of increased knowledge and skills within financial services and would like to see financial advisers being qualified to Chartered level before being licenced to provide advice on peoples life savings. Hopefully enough people start to see qualifications as a degree of professionalism and proof of technical knowledge and will seek to use Chartered Financial Planners as the norm.
We warmly recommend Alan Cox of Zenith Assett Management. He has helped us clarify our affairs by setting up a pension, investments and new wills. Nothing has been too much trouble for Alan and we now have peace of mind that our affairs are in good order and that our investments and grand-children's trust fund will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are kept on track. Many thanks.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Many grandparents like to save for their grand-children. With options a-plenty for most people it is confusing. Tax legislation and Trust law change often, and are complicated; my Chartered Financial Planning qualification includes Advanced Taxation and Trusts modules, which help me to advise people like your good self in matters such as trusts and gifts, making use of various allowances and mitigating potential income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax liabilities, as well as protecting assets against long term care means testing. I certainly look forward to reviewing your portfolio for many years to come. Thank you for your kind comments, Alan.
Alan has provided me with sound financial advice presented in terms that are easy for a non-expert to understand. He has re-organised my investment and pension portfolio, balancing out the risk of the funds held.

Reply from Zenith Asset Management:
Very few people are experts which is why it is important to seek independent financial advice from a Chartered Financial Planner, who will have a high level of technical know how and, being independent, will research the whole market for suitable solutions. You also mention risk; It is so important to understand what risks you are willing to take and also what risks you are currently taking, be it very low risk to very high risk. I can design portfolios and manage them for any level of risk. Many of my new clients come to me because the risk they were taking wasn't fully explained to them, so when the markets crashed in 2008, they weren't aware that they could lose so much money in a single year. All markets will go down, that is par for the course, but they are unlikely to all go down at the same time. My portfolio design and maintenance service manages downside risk to a level that is acceptable and affordable to clients, whilst we aim to provide returns that will also meet expectations. In 2008, the FTSE at one point fell by 43%, but Gilts were up significantly. Gilts go down too, but usually when that happens, other markets are going up. Thank you for your comments. Investments can go down as well as up.
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