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Passed first time with Tracy. Fantastic instructor. Friendly, clear and precise. Gets you driving to a very high standard.
Highly recommend driving with Tracy after having 3 instructors before it’s the comfortableist I’ve ever felt driving and I passed my test 1st time amazing instructor!!!
After failing 3 times with another instructor. Starting with masterclass had me passed on my first test with them. My instructor was Graham, was a quality teacher and got me to a standard where I passed with only 3 faults and made me feel very comfortable throughout my lessons with him, he put a lot of effort into ensuring that I was fully capable by reviewing my progress after each lesson and gave me areas where I could improve. He has a very positive attitude and emphasises when things are done right so you know what the most optimal way to drive is. He knows everything there is to know about driving and I'm certain that he has the skills to help anyone succeed. Thank you Graham in if I know anyone who wants to drive I'll definitely be sending them your way!
I passed my driving test first time thanks to my Masterclass driving instructor Tracy. I could not have asked for a better instructor, Tracy is so friendly, helpful, understanding and I couldn’t think of a better instructor. I was so well prepared for my test, and lesson were thorough, Tracy always helped me develop my driving skills. I couldn’t be more grateful to her, if it wasn’t for her I would not have been able to pass my test. Despite my nerves and worries, Tracy would always help me and make me feel comfortable and better. I would 100% recommend Tracy as a driving instructor.
Stayed with Denise throughout my lessons, she is a lovely person and taught me everything I needed to pass first time
Started off with the pre 17 lessons which taught me the basic skills to start on the road. Denise taught to me in a friendly manner and also helped me perfect my driving resulting in me passing with 0 minors 😁
Passed 1st time with my instructor really friendly and helpful. The company is very friendly and passionate about passing their students. Super helpful and successful company!
Thanks to my instructor Tracey i passed first time and felt well prepared for the test. The lessons were very well paced not making me feel rushed at all but it still felt as if i made loads of progress each lesson. Tracey is very patient and i couldn't have asked for a better instructor, I would highly recommend her.
I passed first time with no minors thanks to masterclass with my instructor Tracey. Lessons were packed with helpful tips and methods for performing maneuvers such as bay parks. Lessons were perfectly catered to the driving test specification and lessons made me feel well prepared for the test ahead.
Graham is a wonderful instructor who’s VERY patient, kind and easy to talk to. Made the whole process bareable for me and thoroughly enjoyed lessons with him. Would highly recommend him!
Cannot thank Denise enough for all the support she has given me. I failed my test once before I started refresher lessons with Denise, and unfortunately failed again after. But I passed 3rd time with Denise's help! She is calm and understanding, she wont make you feel small for making a wrong decision or doing something wrong. She is so lovely and encourages everyone to strive for the best. She wont let you give up and she is definately the most mature driving instructor I have ever had. I've made a few stupid mistakes during some of her lessons and she has not once made me feel bad or upset about it like other instructors have and will do to other people. She just explains how to do it properly and let's you try again. She actually tells you how well you'redoing as Well, or in some cases how bad you're doing! She doesnt sugar coat anything but she isnt mean about it! Will just have a laugh with you and make you feel comfortable. 100% recommend Denise do anyone! DON'T waste her time, she is genuine and will really help you if you put in your time and effort! Thank you Denise :)
I 100% recommend Graham from the masterclass driving school. Very friendly and down to earth man. Stays calm under stressful situations and knows how to make you feel at ease on the road. He was very good with me when I had a meltdown before I went into the test centre and I somehow passed first time (all due to him). Sad that I won’t have anymore lessons with him and will miss him and his sense of humour greatly! Absolutely great instructor!
I had two previous driving instructors, I felt like I was getting no where. My anxiety behind the wheel seemed to get worse and worse each week, until I changed instructors. Tracey was my new instructor and I can't explain how much she has helped get over my fear of driving and how she taught me to drive safely. I passed my test first time under her tuition, I can not recommend her enough. A fantastic driving instructor and a lovely person too. Thank you Tracy for helping me get to the point of finally passing my test. Easily the best instructor in Cannock, if not the world
Graham from Masterclass is truly an excellent driving instructor. He's calm, collective, patient and very clear in his instructions. Graham is also a top bloke who will make you feel comfortable and will calm you down and restore your faith when you have a meltdown the day before your test (Thankyou!). He is also honest about when you are ready to take your test and won't advise extra lessons when they're not needed. I couldn't reccommend him more!
Such a massive thank you to Denise for being my driving instructor. She is so lovely and helped me to become more confident in my driving. Even tho i passed 3rd time i honestly can't thank her enough for all her encouragement and support during my time in learning to drive. I would definately reccomend Denise to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. She is always patient and friendly can always have a good chat 🙂 Denise thank you so much for helping me on this learning curve in my life!! X
Had driving lessons with Graham and was honestly the best instructor I could have ever had. Helped with getting comfortable to drive and then passing first time even though I’d never been behind the wheel of a car before my first lesson. Couldn’t recommend a better instructor. Will definately get in touch if need any more assistance with driving.
Had driving lessons with Graham and was honestly the best instructor I could have ever had. Helped with getting comfortable to drive and then passing first time 😊. Couldn’t recommend a better instructor, thank you
Denise is a great instructor who was always enthusiastic during my lessons and was happy to help me with anything that I was struggling with.
A big thank you to Denise for helping my son to pass his test, she was very understanding and helped us when trying to reschedule his test, as he didn’t want to take it without her.
Honestly wouldn't recommend this driving school enough. i had my lessons with Tracy and she made me feel so comfortable to drive with and was honestly the best instructor i could ever ask for. i wouldnt have passed my test first time if it wasnt for her. thank you so much!
Really pleased to have Graham as my instructor, he was thorough and always helped me with whatever I asked about. Nice positive driving experience.
I passed my theory and practical tests first time after having excellent tuition from Denise. I will be recommending her to my friends. Thank you again!
i am happy that i got taught by Denise as she teaches so great. at the start of when i was driving i was so nervous and had no idea how to even pull off in the car, but ever since i had Denise teach me I've become a lot more confident and she helped me pass my test. i would definitely recommend Denise to everyone as she will help you as much as possible and she will make you feel comfortable because of her amazing personality and her ability to have a great laugh
I am extremely glad to have had Tracy as my instructor. She was an amazing instructor who was always there to help, and worked to ensure I felt confident when driving and showed genuine passion in helping me to pass. Amazing instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone.
I was so happy to have been taught by Denise. She’s such an amazing instructor. At times where I felt as though I wanted to give up she’d never ever let me and I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done. I would definitely recommend her to as many people as I could!! You wouldn’t regret it!
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