ONLINE TRAINING - Learn how to make podcasts
  • Thursday 10th December 10:00am until 12:00pm
Learn how to develop, record and distribute a successful podcast through our webinar training.

Podcasts are continuing to explode in popularity across multiple platforms. They are a great way to build interest in a certain topic or company as they are also a great way of sending a message to your audience. In this practical course for individuals or small teams, we go through every aspect of podcast design, recording, editing and distribution.

We host these webinars via video call on Zoom so participants can see us, hear us and take part by using their webcams, audio only or text. We will step through every important choice and choose the best option for your podcast, including:

  • Defining the purpose, audience and tone
  • Who is the host? Who are the guests?
  • Format: episode structure and designing a script template to quickly build every episode
  • The right equipment: microphones and recording solutions for in-person or remote records
  • How to treat a room to get good sound, permanently or temporarily
  • Editing software options and building an edit template
  • Sourcing royalty free music
  • Choosing a hosting provider to suit your budget (or for free!)
  • Getting your podcast on all the major distribution platforms

By the end you’ll have learnt how to create a podcast series, how to use the equipment involved (tailored to your specific project or idea), how to creat a script template for a series and how to sign up for the services you need. Once you’ve started, you just need to keep your templates fed with topics and guests. You’ll get course material PDFs and shopping links to the equipment we’ve decided on together.

For booking your place on the course, book from our website:

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