I have lost my mind
7th August 2015
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After much consideration, I have decided to blog about the long distance ride I will be attempting in Mid-October and somehow tie that in with our Call Answering service. Wish me luck.

I regularly attend a BNI (networking) meeting every Tuesday morning at 6:45, but I was asked to be a substitute in the Bury St. Edmunds chapter for a couple of weeks on Wednesdays. Each week that I subbed, I heard about the wonderful and amazing charity actions the members have been taking. I was especially drawn to Steve Savage because he seems to be just as crazy as I am. He runs Frames and Conservatories Direct, but he also actively participates in events to raise money for the Rainbow Ward at West Suffolk Hospital (a children’s ward). The crazy part comes in with the cycling. He is asking his fellow networkers to join him on a 280 mile ride along the coast. http://www.fcd-home.co.uk/cyclechallenge/ Not only is it 280 miles, but the mileage is done in only 3 days! So I think to myself, “I haven’t been on my bicycle in over year. Let’s start now. If this nearly 60 year old man can do 280, then I can certainly do 2 days of it.” I know what you’re thinking. Why not all 3? Sorry, work obligations take over the first day. That’s not what you’re thinking? Maybe you’re thinking about the fact that I have not ridden my bike in over a year. Yeah. That’s got me stuck too. This is why I have started my blog with ‘I have lost my mind...’  Let me just tell you, after only one week of training at 10 miles a day MY BUM HURTS! Also, I have a lot of training to do.

Ok, how do I tie this to Call Answering?

This might be a stretch, but I’m going with the crazy. Phone calls drove our clients crazy. Fortunately for them, they found us. We enjoy the crazy. Thrive in it. Today alone is proof of that. While loads of our clients are either out on jobs, in with patients, or enjoying a summer holiday, we are taking their calls with smiles on our faces. If you read last week’s blog, you will now about the caller that loves us. Guess what? He still does. In addition, we received a lovely compliment of our service that makes it all worthwhile.

Great feedback from a client 2day regarding a team member! @zionlandscapes "Donna Conway=legend.' We're happy you think so. #LoveOurClients

Your calls may have driven you crazy in the past, but there is a simple solution to that problem. www.ukfactotum.com Your clients are important to us, and we make sure they feel that away by the end of a call. If you are considering a little help or a lot of help with your call handling, phone us for a FREE trial. Once the trial is complete, we will go over the amount of calls we took, times of day that the highest call volumes, and whether it is indeed a good fit for your business.

Let us handle the crazy. We’re good at it.


P.S. The picture is from my trip to Italy in July. My goal is to have thighs like a Roman statue by the end of the ride. More on that next week! The trip, not my thighs.

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