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21st August 2015
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In the past year, I have done so many things that I had never done before that I actually stopped counting and just kept doing. You never realize how much you can grow until you are open to let it happen. This year, I let it happen.

In my most recent edition of ‘I’ve never done this’, I went white water rafting in the Soča River ( Yeehaw!), swam in glacier runoff (brrrrrrr), and danced a salsa with a Brazilian man in Ljubliana (Olé!) with a group of 3 other women that I had either only met once or twice before or just met the day of my arrival in Slovenia. Whew! See picture ^

I have been to 12 countries in the past 11 months, and I must say Slovenia makes the top of my list.

 I have a healthy fear of drowning and heights, and both were truly tested this trip. To start, I had to grip a cable to traverse a small cliff, but the pay off was worth it! On the other side we found the source to a natural spring flowing out of the mountain. It was so clear that it was not possible to capture the image with the camera on my phone. And my camera is pretty good for a phone. Thank you Samsung. Shortly after this trek, the guide (Mihael) showed us a less treacherous route to make our way back to the van. I was thoroughly amused…

After a half day of hiking through the Julian Alps, we readied ourselves for the rafting. I was even more nervous about rafting than heights. The water was frigid, but Mihael said the rapids were mild. I LOVED IT!!! The water was indeed glacial, but we all hopped out of the raft and went for a dip. Mass insanity, I suppose. Again, the river was super cold but also revitalizing. Plus, the water was so clean and so close to the source that Mihael and the raft guide encouraged us to drink from the river when they did. Delicious!

Once we hopped out of the raft and onto dry land, we all promptly decided to lose our minds again and jump into even chillier water, without the added benefit of our wetsuits. The scene was picturesque; a waterfall pouring into a pool surrounded by wooden planking along the cliff and smooth rocks rimming the glacier made swimming hole. It was so cold that it took my breathe away. I endeavoured, in the name of things never done… and lunacy.

There is so much more to say about this trip, but I will tie it up with the bit about my new Brazilian friend, Antonio. No, salsa is not a common dance for Slovenia, and no, it was not a salsa club. After dinner and a few drinks with the girls, I had it set in my mind that I needed to salsa before leaving the wonderful country. So I made it happen! I cha-cha’d into the only restaurant remotely looking like they would know where to find Latin dancing, but they said there weren't any that they knew of in Ljubljana. Therefore they turned up the music, and called out their resident salsa dancing waiter to give me a twirl. Soon, there were more than a few people tapping feet and getting into the mood with us. Thank you Antonio for making my Slovenian trip complete. Na zdravie! (Cheers!)

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