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We have listed some of the best pubs in Cambridge to watch the Euro Championship this summer. From a pub shortlisted by Carlsburg, to a pub brewing their own beer, there is something for everyone here.
Please Do Not Forget to Vote on the 23rd of June! Your Country Needs Your Support. No Vote. No Say!
There's plenty going on in Cambridge this weekend.
There's always something going on in Cambridge, and this weekend is no different.
Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice
Africfood The Catering Company Bringing Authentic Nigerian Food
If you're looking for something to do, there's plenty going on in Cambridge!
The EU debate is raging with big guns on both sides taking pot shots at each other whilst those in between simply get on with running a business, or living their life. The current arguments, it seems, revolve around issues of sovereignty, migration, and economics. If we are to believe what the ‘remain’ campaign have to say Great Britain will be a basket case if we leave, consigned to third world status. On the other hand, the ‘leave’ campaign would have us believe the opposite is true!
Check out the local events, activities and tours happening this weekend in Cambridge.
Check this out - there's so much going on in Cambridge this weekend.
There's lots of activities taking place in Cambridge this weekend.
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