All set for Olympic opportunities?
20th February 2012
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Only 175 days to go before the start of the Olympics and with it will come a host of marketing opportunities with promotions and offers linked to the Olympic theme. During the next few weeks, it will be prudent for our clients to put on their thinking caps, to devise the best way of taking advantage of what is a once in a lifetime event as far as UK is concerned. Gold medal and torch motifs may figure strongly.

As the London Olympics will place UK in the International spotlight, there must be no scope for error or humiliating blunders. The stadia are complete and the transport system in place. It is the human element which leaves us most exposed to embarrassment. What if the NUR pick that month to hold a national strike? What if Air Traffic Control walk out and the baggage handlers’ computer crashes? Will there be another press scandal or drunken riots? Will the streets be filled with refuse if the bin men cannot cope? Is the government well prepared for all the things which may go wrong?

The country is also preparing for the Queens’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, so the eyes of the world will be firmly fixed on UK for most of the year. No one can do pomp and pageantry like the Brits. And we get two days holiday in June.

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