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IT support for Buxton and the Peak District

Jael Consultants

IT Support for Buxton and the Peak District. 

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James of Jael Consultants is the sort of IT technical person that  is easy to relate to and understand.  If you can manage ‘tech-speak’ then you’re a step ahead of the rest of us.  If you need everything IT-related translated then don’t worry because James will help you understand what you need to know and make sure that your computer systems are correctly set up and working.

IT support for home offices:

Home offices often have complex and specific hardware and software requirements.  People running businesses from their Buxton homes need suitably trained and qualified IT support staff available locally so that there is no interruption to business - Jael provides just this support in and around Buxton.

IT support for Buxton businesses:

Jael’s IT support technicians typically have served many years working in the IT departments of large businesses and are familiar with the demands and complexity of maintaining computer systems on a day-to-day basis.  Jael is pleased to provide IT support for many large and small businesses in Buxton and further afield, offering:

Business IT strategy  - correct set up and longer term making changes to reflect the needs of the business
network installation and support
Active Directory consultancy
Back up and recovery
Anti virus and Security
Jael has customer testimonials from a variety of businesses in the region you are welcome to have a look.

IT support for home computers:

Typically Buxton home computer users need IT support when :

- they want to get set up in the first place
- it is time to add new software or hardware,
- a change to the set up is needed
   and, of course, if any part of the system goes wrong!

Ask James about Internet access (Broadband) and training, Wi-fi, anti-virus and Internet Security.  Once he is familiar with your requirements he can work to a quotation or written spec so that you know where you stand. 

Jael Consultants

IT Support for Buxton and the Peak District. 

Call   0845 257 9267 


The IT Support Team to consider for Buxton  and the Peak District area.


Let Jael Consultants Ltd provide Peace of Mind

"Computers are great when they are working!" I hear you say.  But there are few things more frustrating than one that isn't.  A computer needs the same level of service and routine attention as your car.  Without this care, it will let you down.... Invariably at a time you do not want!  Let us worry about your IT issues while you get time and peace of mind to do the more important things.

Please mention The Best of Buxton when contacting Jael Consultants Ltd for IT Support.  Thank you

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