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As the electric car market is growing rapidly and companies are also converting their vehicles to electric power the demand has grown and with it Connect Electrics has kept pace with the technologies being used to develop more efficient batteries and charging equipment, and now have very well-developed understanding of how electric vehicles work and how best to provide the service that customers need.
Wind, rain and snow are all capable of causing damage to the electrical systems in our homes, offices and premises, a combination of all three at once is a recipe for serious damage and of course electrics and water do not mix well!
It's time to get your electrics in good working order to prepare for the festive season!
Connect Electric can repair and service solar panels during COVID-19 with a non contact service.
Christmas lights may be glowing, but do you know how to keep them safe?...
Connect Electric offer a range of electrical services in Bury and the surrounding areas.
House rewiring with the team at Connect Electric.
Can a Plane Fly Around the World on Solar Power Alone?...
With solar panelling on the rise, Connect Electric can now install them on your home this summer!
As electric vehicles become more and more popular, so does the need for charging them....
When it comes to electrics, most of us just take it for granted that we're safe in our homes and that all is okay....
Is solar dead?
Is solar dead?
It’s a common misconception that solar panels aren’t worthy of installation, but far from it....
Security is big business these days....
When it comes to CCTV, Connect Electric are the perfect choice to deliver a first class job to you, your home and your premises and are a trusted, recommended and Which?...
Connect Electric are one of Bury's leading electrical contractors and have, for many years provided an excellent service to domestic and commercial clients alike.
Not just installations of solar panels, find out more on Connect Electric's services.
Getting solar panels installed on your home is a great idea for many reasons....
Did you know that installing solar panels on your commercial property is actually more beneficial than fitting them on your home?
The UK government announces plans to reduce subsidies as part of the Feed-In-Tariff scheme by up to a huge 87%!
Even with the UK's unpredictable and often dull weather, you could produce electricity through solar panels with Connect Electric (Bury) Limited.
Connect Electric (Bury) Limited are an approved Which?...
It's always good to see feedback for our members coming through to us and this latest review for Connect Electric, Bury was no exception.
thebestofbury are discussing the advantages of solar panels, installed by Connect Electric, Bury.
Connect Electric, another local business to recently join thebestofbury, are providing clients in Bury with ways to not only save money but to make money with their solar panel installations.
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