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  • Valid until: 30/09/2022
Free Initial Consultation with Aston Knight
In need of a solicitor for personal injury or medical negligence? 

Speak to Aston Knight Solicitors and receive a FREE initial consultation to determine if you have a case.

Aston Knight Results 

- £350,000 for Lithuanian man injured at work

- £30,000 for a denied Insurance claim

- £149,000 for mum who suffered psychological injuries after the tragic loss of her baby.

- £22,000 for injured cyclist

- £70,000 for construction site accident

- £36,000 for Injured lady following a slip outside her house.

- £120,000 recovered for work place knee injury

- £36,000 to an injured lady who was told she did not have a case

- £200,000 for disputed insurance claims following property damage.