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Jennifer L
Member since: 9th January 2023
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Hometown: Bury
A highly skilled and motivated Marketing Communication Specialist with over 20 years of industry experience. An excellent communicator with a natural ability to deliver in all aspects of marketing communications, taking complex subjects and effectively communicating them in a way that is relatable, accessible, and easily understood for stakeholders at all levels.

Driven by innovative thinking Jennifer now works as the Marketing Manager at avoira in Bury, Lancs. Jennifer has an undeniable passion for communicating company values, attributes, and brand personality, through creative, user-focused communication and design.

Jennifer is a multi-talented CIM-affiliated marketer who is dedicated to connecting people through effective branding, good communications, design, and digital development.

“I can be a bit of a geek Good communication is my superpower If I can engage our people, strengthen our brand, and bring everyone together through the power of communication then I am happy”!