Spirit of place
  • Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre,
    Moss street,
    BL9 0DR
  • Tuesday 18th May, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 18th May, 5:00pm
A new exhibition featuring a variety of new artworks by Bury's online drawing community, Sketchbook Still Social, historical photographs, documents and material from Bury Archives, as well as paintings and museum objects and from Bury Art Museum Collections. ​​​​​

Spirit of a place is one of the spin off from Sketchbook Still Social. The project has highlighted the rich visual, often overlooked, history of the immediate surroundings of Silver Street and has challenged artists to interpret the buildings at the heart of the Culture Quarter in Bury.

In recognising that place plays an important part in their personal identity, they are re-connecting people with the town centre in a way that celebrates their urban heritage. These streets are not just places to shop or be entertained in, but they encapsulate a rich and long evolving history. Preserving and promoting the spirit of thus special place is an important part of their history and keeping this heritage alive.

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