Free English Course ( Accredited ESOL Qualifications )
  • Mosses Centre
    Cecil Street, Bury
    BL9 0SB
  • Monday 11th January, 1:00pm - Until Thursday 4th March, 3:00pm
Boost your confdence in spoken and written English on this FREE Course. Classroom based learning, with accredited qulifications that are nationally recognised. Want to access employment or higher education, build your self esteem and develop your English skills. Will this is that course that will enable you progress with specialist tutor support.


Equipped With English Course ( ESOL )



Referrals need to have basic standard of conversational English and pass a basic online entry test on Induction date.



● Boost your confidence in spoken and written English on this FREE Course

● Level 1 & L2 ESOL with basic employability modules

           ( Covering Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing )

● Interactive activities, group work improving learners self-esteem / Use of touchscreen tablets

● IT elements, digital awareness use of Zoom and Skype.

  • British Values in the Community –

You will learn:

- how to vote in Britain

- what our Government is for

- how we contribute to our government

- what laws we need to follow and why

- how we promote freedom of speech within a certain perimeter

- how cultural values are respected and celebrated.

  • Mental Health Workshop
  • Employability Modules

You will learn:

- what job websites are most effective for finding the jobs you want

- how to fill in a job application correctly

- how many interviews are in Britain and how to present yourself during them

- how to create an interview file to ensure you are prepared for interviews

- how to make or adapt a CV ready for work (either paid or voluntary) – you will receive a copy of your CV at the end of the course

- carry out a practice interview to get you used to attending interviews



ESOL Certification L1 & L2 ( Accredited )

British Values

Employability progression Award L1  

Classroom Based Learning, travel refunded.

 Eligibility- Low Income or on UC benefits.


Venue-  Mosses Centre

Cecil Street, Bury BL9 0SB

Monday- Thursday

1pm- 3pm


Also access to our Online learning resource platform.

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