Is your insurance policy up to date?
6th December 2017
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It's that time of the year where burgalaries seem to be on the increase and whilst this is not a message of scaremongery, we wanted to ask the question: is your insurance policy up to date?

Circumstances change throughout the year and with Christmas looming too, we find that the
goods that we have in our home may just be of a much higher value than they were earlier in the year. You may have invested in some new jewellery, a new bike or even a state of the art TV. 

For many, an insurance policy remains stagnant, year after year. It can become a rolling contract of sorts with an annual update to make you aware that it's due for renewal.

At Munro Greenhalgh you'll find that things are a little different.  Each and every client is treated as an individual, not just a number. The team are consistent, knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about ensuring that they find the right product for you, no matter how long it takes.
They'll take into consideration your current situation and ensure that your policy is perfect for your needs.

Expert advice
It's incredibly important to find someone that understands the market and as an
independent broker, you'll only ever receive the best from Munro Greenhalgh. They will
compare many insurances from the market and because they're independent can
often be far more flexible than any of the comparison sites, plus, you get a personal
service that's hard to beat!
They're also on the high street, so are visible and available if you ever need to pop in

So back to the question......... is your insurance policy up to date? If the answer is yes or
you're looking for a renewal, then speak to the team at Munro Greenhalgh. They're absolutely fantastic and will do their utmost to find you a solution that's perfect for you.

Call 0161 451 3168 or click on the blue box for more information.

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