How do I hire an apprentice?
21st September 2015
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How do I hire an apprentice? Here we have detailed five EASY steps carried out by Business Solutions Bury College that will see you receive the most suitable apprentice - oh, and this local training provider will do all the hard work!

Hiring an apprentice could be one of the best decisions your business ever makes. Not only can it motivate your staff, but it can increase productivity and give you the means to expand. If it’s just finding the perfect candidate that’s holding you back, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an option, and it won’t include endlessly looking through CVs and contacting candidates.

Business Solutions Bury College, a local training provider, will do all the hard work for you and at no cost; they just want to give the candidate a chance to thrive professionally. The employment team at Bury College are specially trained to promote and source your apprentice.

The process of hiring an apprentice is so easy in fact, that it has been detailed in just five steps, a majority of which are done by the college.


1. Consultation

Businesses interested in an apprentice simply need to meet with the college's employment services team to discuss the role, qualification, hours and what you’re looking for in an apprentice. Here, they’ll talk over the funding opportunities.

2. Source

Business Solutions Bury College will market and promote your vacancy using their extensive connections in the borough - in order to find the best candidate.

3. Shortlist

The employment team will shortlist candidates they think are most suited and will help you plan interviews. You don't need to sieve through a mountain of CVs!

4. Selection

The college will contact candidates on your behalf - whether it's for the interview or providing feedback when your decision is made.

5. Recruit and enrol

The apprentice will enrol at Business Solutions Bury College for regular training in the (specified) qualification after beginning their employment.

This means that all you need to do is interview a shortlisted (and usually just a handful) of candidates, ensuring that all of the stress is taken out of hiring your perfect apprentice.

Business Solutions Bury College will also help you when applying for funding. On-going support is available.

Don’t delay in hiring a motivated, enthusiastic apprentice who will add value to your company; simply contact the college.



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