Brightway Cleaning Goes Above and Beyond
26th May 2013
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Client case study 2 - an update on my previous blog

A few weeks ago I submitted a blog about Brightway Cleaning and the services that they provide. This really is a company that goes above and beyond.

Client 2 has a weekly clean but Steve will often do odd jobs around the home and has recently fixed the garden gate and the toilet but more regularly does some shopping for the client. He's also moved a bit of furniture around too.
This client can't get out and about but adores watching the birds from the kitchen window. As replenishing the food is a problem Steve also buys and stocks this up too on a weekly basis.

Original blog........

Having known Brightway Cleaning for a number of years now, it has been fantastic to see how the business has successfully grown and developed to become more than just your ordinary cleaning company.

As well as those that you would class as ordinary cleaning duties that we would know of and expect from such a company.
Steve and the team at Brightway go the extra mile and now cover a vast range of services to ensure a happy home for all.

Over the coming weeks we will share a number of case
studies from "real" clients to give you an idea of just how flexible Brightway Cleaning can really be.

Client 1 - Client 1 has a homecare team that regularly visit to cover the tasks a homecare team would. As time is limited and sometimes though circumstance beyond their control (generally time restraints), some jobs may simply not get done.
...........................Over to Brightway.

Brightway take over where homecare left off. They will change bedding, wash the pots and even take the dog out for a walk. The service is so personal that the client also gets bought a treat once a fortnight. It's those little things that make such a massive difference in people's lives.

Shopping is also often on the agenda so that the client gets the neccessities that she needs to get her through until next time.
Great service from a trustworthy team of fantastic cleaners most of whom are CRB checked and who strive to provide a service that is hard to beat but totally bespoke to each client.

So, if you need help around the home, whatever it may be, remember that Brightway Cleaning do more than the average cleaning company - garden tidies and ironing could also be one of your needs - it's all part and parcel.

For more information about Brightway Cleaning and the services that they provide, please click here.

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