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Well done to Debi and Kathryn for providing us with another fantastic networking event at the Bury Ary Gallery (Yes I know, there is an Art Gallery in Bury). I am finding that these local newtorking events arranged by the Best of Bury are a great way to find new business. I always get to meet new businesses as well as seeing some of the usual suspects (you know who you are :-). This is great because the businesses that I meet regularly at the Best of Bury networkign events are beginning to know a lot more about my business and are more confident to pass me referrals as well as doing businesses with me. I was also able to meet a number of new suppliers that were recommended to me, so I have more confidence to approach these businesses as I know they do a good job. I have been looking for one of these suppliers of 3 months and I met them within 15 minutes of the networking event. If you havent been to the Best of Bury Networking Event yet you shouldnʼt miss the next one. Highly recommended.
Thank you to Debi, Kathryn and Callie for such an interesting evening at gigg lane, the event was a real eye-opener. I was unsure whether these sort of networking events would work for my business but after spending a bit of time chatting to other people at the event I have generated some new contacts with other tradesmen as well as meeting other organizers of networking events that could become very useful. Thank you once again.
I very much enjoyed this, my first Best of Bury networking event, and was very interested to see the wide range of businesses you attracted. I was also very pleased to see charities involved as I love to help ʼgood causesʼ. Further comments will soon be posted on my blog @ Come and visit me there and my still-in-construction website: Regards Natalie Wood @ Woodperfect ~ Secretarial Services with a Twist! "We Love Good Causes"
What another fantastic event. Well done to Debi and the team for working so hard to put on what has to be the best networking event yet. I was able to speak with business I have wanted to speak to for quite some time but didnʼt have the contacts to do so until now. I have meetings set up with new prospective clients and was also able to catch up with people I havent seen for some time. Iʼm really looking forward to the next event. What a great way to find new local business.
I have been to 2 Best of Bury networking events and both were fantastic. Well run, well attended, great venues and the hosts, Debbie and Kathryn ran a tight ship, but a fun evening too. Canʼt wait for the next one!
I would just like to thank Debi & her team for a fantasic, well organised networking event which I attended last month. As a result I met a number of useful contacts and received a couple of referrals potentially totalling a few thousand pounds worth of consultancy! What a great way to do business!
Your networking event in April was excellent - very well organised with plenty of guests as promised and a great balance of informal networking and short business introductions. The evening had added interest with great tips from Johnny Apples and great food from the Queen Ann.I am loooking forward to your next event in June.
The Best of Bury event at the Queen Anne in Bury was organised extremely well and had a very friendly atmosphere. There were lots of business people there to talk to and exchange ideas with. The hosts put me at ease with their gracious and relaxed manner and worked hard to introduce me to other people. This venue was perfect and the food was delicious. I enjoyed the evening very much. Thank you very much. I look forward to many more evenings like it. Zarrin Shannon
An evening with "The Best Of Bury" was fantastic, Debi, Kathryn & co went out of there way to make the event a success. The structured agenda works as you get the oppertunity to network with businesses who you have a good synergy with, but not just that, you get to meet others in a relaxed, friendly environment, the venue was well chosen and the Queen Anne put on an amazing buffet. The guest speaker Johnny Apples put on a great performance as usual, whilst giving sound advice. I would recomend this event to any local business lookin to get out there and get known. it has certainly worked for our company and we cant wait until the next event. Well done to the Best of Bury team!!!
An Evening with the Best of Bury was a great experience. Debi and Kathrynʼs efforts reflected true success on the night. The opportunity to meet like minded businesses leading to making good contacts which in turn lead to business prospects... Invaluable. The event was a merit to The Best of Bury. I will definitely be attending on the 18th June. Looking forward to it.
Another highly succesful networking event last night at the Queen Anne...welldone!! Lots of new faces (and old ones!!) good venue, good food, good get the balance just right..and are very pro active in ensuring people ʼconnectʼ with the right people...well done..your on a roll, looking forward to the next one in June
What can I say other than I am living testament to the fact that this really works! I joined The Best of Bury last year after googling "JOBS BURY" and up they, or should I now say WE came. I now lead a "normal" family life and am happier in my work than I have been in years. Our clients are a friendly group of folk and I am sure that a job with any of them would be a great step towards a new career. Kathryn Burns "The Best of Bury"
What can I say, one of the events of the year so far. Both Debi and Kathryn must have worked very hard to make this event the success it was. I spoke to many people, most of whom I had never met before and some familiar faces!!! and all agreed it had been very beneficial, with most clutching very precious business cards with solid promises to get in touch with like minded businesses. This has to be the best way to do business!
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In September 2016
Aimee P said

Excellent to be a part of. Great way to meet local businesses and work together.