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The Agent Site puts the pleasure back into property sales and is transforming the world of conveyancing for buyers, solicitors and estate agents alike.

The Agent Site has one aim - to transform conveyancing, and turn buying and selling property into the pleasurable experience it should be – for solicitors, estate agents, and buyers and sellers too.


By combining digital technology with innovative ways of working, The Agent Site are changing the way things have been done for decades to create a quick, stress-free service that’s fit for today.


A dream, not a nightmare

Buying or selling a house should be one of the most exciting times in your life.

If you’re a buyer, there should be a sense of adventure. For sellers, a feeling that life’s next chapter is about to begin. For many, moving home means being both a buyer and a seller – so of course, that should be the most exhilarating experience of all.

And then there are the estate agents and solicitors who make it all happen. If that’s your role, you should delight in every document and detail – because the work you do helps people live out their dreams.

So…. why does everyone say it’s one of the most stressful things they’ve ever done?

Does moving house have to leave you tearing out your hair?

Better for you

At The Agent Site, the team have created two exciting products designed to make conveyancing fast, efficient and stress-free.

Putting people, not processes, at the heart of each transaction, so whether you’re a solicitor, an estate agent, or you’re buying or selling a property, their Go Live and Legal Start products will transform your experience of conveyancing – for good.


Go Live

It’s no secret that the initial stages of conveyancing are often dogged by delays.

With piles of paper, unfamiliar documents and a blizzard of confusing questions, if you are a buyer or seller you can find yourself floundering. Just getting things up and running can take weeks of head scratching and frustration – and that slows things down for solicitors and estate agents too.

But not any more.

Go Live cuts out the confusion, slashing the time it takes to collect all the essential information and helping the whole process head towards a quick, smooth and happy conclusion.

Incredibly, what used to take around four weeks can be wrapped up in 48 hours with Go Live.


For Solicitors - 

Go Live makes sure that when you first communicate with your client, their experience is already a great one.

All their initial documents will have been sent automatically and the team at The Agent Site will have guided them through the process – without any of the jargon or legal speak that can confuse them. With this helping hand every step of the way, you get the information you need to keep things moving in just days, not weeks.

And that means better service, more business, and happier clients than ever before.


For Estate Agents - 

Go Live gives buyers and sellers such a stress-free experience, they soon appreciate the exceptional service that you and your solicitor partners are delivering.

With all their initial documents delivered automatically, plus jargon-free help and guidance from the expert team at The Agent Site, your clients get conveyancing without the headaches they may have expected – and that means many more satisfied customers for you.

For those who are buying or selling - 

Forget everything you think you know about buying and selling a property. With Go Live, conveyancing doesn’t drag on and on, and you won’t feel left in the dark.

Instead, you get fast online delivery of all the key documents – no confusing piles of paper – and expert help from the team at The Agent Site. We talk you through the whole process, answering your questions, helping you dig out the information you need, and making sure things get moving in no time.

Finally, buying or selling a property can feel exciting and worth looking forward to – not a headache like it often felt in the past.


Launching in August 2021 -  Legal Start

Conveyancing has been done the same way forever. Well, maybe not forever, but it’s still time for a different approach.

Instead of the existing system with its expensive delays and frustrations, Legal Start is conveyancing designed around great service. By bringing solicitors and estate agents together in partnership, we free everyone to deliver their best.

By transforming today’s tangled conveyancing process into streamlined teamwork, Legal Start is a revolution in the way that properties are bought and sold.

And the result?

Conveyancing is smoother, more efficient and more stress-free than ever before – with clients being exchange-ready within just 12 weeks.



Legal Start launches in August 2021.



To find out more about The Agent Site or to make an enquiry, call 0161 543 2946 or click the links at the top right of this page.


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