Lucy Reynolds Counselling: Empowering Women to Rediscover Themselves
  • Appointment available online or through 'Walk & Talk' Sessions
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Welcome to Lucy Reynolds Counselling, a sanctuary for women seeking to regain control over their lives, navigate overwhelming emotions, and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and well-being.

About Lucy Reynolds Counselling

Lucy Reynolds, the compassionate force behind this counselling service, possesses a deep understanding of the distinctive challenges women face while managing their careers, personal lives, and the intricate balance between them.

Drawing from her diverse background in small business and corporate environments, Lucy brings a treasure trove of experience, allowing her to empathise with the intricate struggles that many women encounter as they strive to harmonise various facets of their lives.

At Lucy Reynolds Counselling, the foremost objective is to create a secure and nurturing space where you can authentically express yourself. Lucy's approach is unique in that she refrains from offering direct advice or dictating actions. Instead, she stands by your side, accompanying you on your personal journey as you navigate your thoughts and emotions, ultimately guiding you toward your unique path to well-being and mental clarity.



Key Features of Lucy Reynolds Counselling


Online Sessions 

Lucy conducts her counselling sessions online, providing you with the convenience and flexibility to seek support from the comfort of your chosen space. 

"Walk and Talk" Sessions 

A unique offering from Lucy Reynolds Counselling is the option for "walk and talk" sessions in the picturesque surroundings of Lancashire. This allows for a refreshing and therapeutic outdoor experience, combining the benefits of nature with counselling.



Free Initial Consultation

Lucy offers an initial consultation at no cost, giving you the opportunity to explore how her counselling services can benefit you. 

Rediscover your inner strength and regain control of your life with Lucy Reynolds Counselling. Lucy's commitment to empowering women on their journey toward self-discovery and well-being is unwavering. 

Whether you opt for online sessions or the refreshing "walk and talk" experience, Lucy will be there to guide you towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. 

Reach out today and take the first step toward positive change.  

Drop Lucy an email at, or call/message 07366 292664 and you can arrange to chat!

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