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Local Feedback
In September 2020, Nick Bernard said:
In September 2020, Louise Ryan said:
Excellent Service throughout, wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul'ss garage to anyone!
In September 2020, Kevin Johnson said:
Salesman was very helpful!
In September 2020, Ronald Hornby said:
Jason as a fantastic help in choosing a car. Nice bloke!
In January 2020, David Morris said:
Paul and Jason were very good - looked after us and very well.
In December 2019, Dave King said:
Great service, efficient and friendly.
In December 2019, Norman Crane said:
Very good!
In December 2019, Stuart Johnstone said:
First class service. Very helpful - will use again!
In October 2019, Michael Ross Nichol said:
Great Service, great price
In October 2019, Pam Eason said:
Very friendly and good knowledge on cars. Would recommend.
In October 2019, Adam Worsell said:
5 star!
In October 2019, Arthur Kendall said:
Would be quite happy to recommend Paul and his staff. Very very helpful!
In September 2019, Denis Kane said:
Very good service. Brill!
In September 2017, Peter Clayton said:
Very happy with the service - thanks.
In March 2017, Gary Mee said:
Great service! Excellently looked after.
In March 2017, Stephanie Rushton said:
Great service!
In February 2017, Andrew Newton said:
Excellent service, very fast.
In February 2017, Simon Johnson said:
Great service! Very helpful and friendly.
In February 2017, Linda Ljevar said:
Great fast service! 5 star.
In February 2017, Steven Eborall said:
I have been to LNK Motors on two occasions and the service is very good, helpful staff, I would recommend this company to my friends and family.
In February 2017, Paul Gray said:
Very good customer service.
In January 2017, Mr Simon Ryal said:
Good honest company. Pleasant staff. Very welcoming. Made you feel relaxed. Good old fashioned manners.
In January 2017, Mr Colin Ravenscroft said:
Great service. Would tell friends and family.
In November 2016, Mrs Patricia Freeman said:
Very polite and helpful. Very cheerful.
In November 2016, Mrs Lisa Tighe said:
Great service. Thank you.
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