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GRP Roofing Centre is a team of flat roofing specialists, installing waterproof, strong and maintenance-free GRP flat roofs to clients across Bury. This local business can also undertake in large projects for commercial clients.

With over 20 years' experience in the trade, GRP Roofing Centre has built a fantastic reputation across the borough for their maintenance-free garage roofs. Whether your current roof is tired, worn or rotting, this local business will install one which looks fresh, clean and one which is durable.

As their name suggests, all roofs installed by GRP Roofing Centre are made from GRP- Glass Reinforced Plastic, also known as Fibreglass. This is the perfect material to use for roofs as it is extremely versatile, strong and waterproof. Glass Reinforced Plastic can also be layered with a coat of paint, one of the many reasons for its popularity. An extensive selection of top-coat colours ensures that each client will receive a flat roof that is finished to their specific tastes and one which complements their property and garden.

GRP Roofing Centre can undertake large projects for commercial clients and have no limit to the size of each job.


Benefits of GRP Flat Roofs

  • Versatility: Each one comes with a 20 year guarantee but is expected to last a lifetime, unlike felt roof.
  • Maintenance-free: Their durability means that each GRP flat roofs are completely maintenance-free.
  • Cost: As these types of roofs cost nothing to upkeep, clients will save money on repairs and replacements.
  • Waterproof and secure: No joints or seams mean that the GRP procedure ensures your roof is 100% waterproof, even if it wasn't before.
  • Safe: GRP Roofs are completely safe to install as they are laid cold and use no form of heated products


The condition of your current roof is inspected, including the roof joints and insulation. Any existing covering is removed.


GRP Roofing Centre will lay timber decking boards, secured to the joists using a nail gun or screwed down.


Pre-manufactured edge trims are bonded to the decking boarding using a Polyurethane adhesive and secured using a nail gun or stapler.


Chopped strand mat is laid over the roof decking and cut to size. Joints in the edge trims and corners are bandaged with 200mm extra squares of mat to ensure for extra strength.


A formulated resin is applied to the matting to form a waterproof layer.


The entire roof is finished with a top-coat of colour, chosen by each client. The resin is designed to dry very fast to leave a completely waterproof roof with no joints or seams.

GRP Roofing Centre can install a GRP flat roof in just one or two days.  This local business has formulated a detailed process to ensure that the roof each client receives is of the highest quality. The experienced team of tradesmen at this local business will work efficiently and quickly to ensure you are given a finished product on-time.

If you would like to contact GRP Roofing Centre, visit their website.

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GRP Roofing Centre
Unit 3
Freetown Business Park
Hudcar Lane

0161 956 2442

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