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Winter sunlight shows off Blackthorpe House

Three men met at a crossroads in Suffolk. One was on a motorbike, one in a BMW, and I was, as usual, there on foot.

John Urquhart’s Huntingdon Fidget Pie

This is a dish served to farmhands in East Anglia during the harvest.

Fresh fish from the market

15 November 2013 14:59

Thor’s son Hayden plays Granville to Kristian’s Arkwright. You need to be a certain age to get that one

A Calendar girl with your tapas

01 November 2013 09:34

Maria Crick runs Café del Mar in St John’s Street

Huxster of Hatter Street

21 October 2013 14:46

Danielle Grey runs Huxster of Hatter Street: An “Emporium of Quirkiness”

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