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Treatt is a world leader in providing innovative and customised ingredient solutions to the flavour, fragrance and FMCG industries, supplying customers globally from bases in the UK, USA, China and Africa.

Treatt was first established in London’s Bond Street in 1886 by Richard Court Treatt, an importer of essential oils. After 85 years of growth the company moved its HQ to Bury St Edmunds in 1971, where it now employs around 175 people. People are the cornerstone of Treatt’s success and the key to creating added value for its customers.  Their passion and knowledge drives the development of Treatt’s innovative and exciting ingredient solutions.

Treatt - Bury St Edmunds

Treatt makes innovative and specialist ingredients that go into many of the products we use every day, from soft drinks and juices, confectionery and snacks, to washing powders and skincare products, even beer and alcoholic beverages.

Well known and respected within their industry, their products and solutions are the result of over 130 years of technical innovation and experience in the sourcing of aromatic natural products from around the world.

Odd to think perhaps that on the outskirts of  Bury St Edmunds there are large quantities of raw essential oils of lemons from Argentina, tangerines from Italy, tea tree from Kenya, nutmeg from Indonesia, and many more besides, including some most people have never heard of.

Their product ranges include:

Essential oils


Over 80 essential oils from Amyris to Ylang Ylang, with single fold, rectified, concentrated and terpeneless alternatives, and a range of reduced allergen oils to help customers meet regulatory requirements.



Treatt specialise in citrus products and offer a range of ingredients which can impart zesty flavours to food, drink and personal care products. They also produce ready-made blends of citrus oils, and can create other blends using natural or nature-identical products, depending on requirements.



These products are 100% naturalFrom The Named Food'” (FTNF) aqueous distillates, used within the food industry in many products from ready-to-drink and alcoholic beverages, to ice creams and savoury sauces.

Functional ingredients

Treatt’s range of functional ingredients and wellness products are designed to offer enhanced flavour and improved solubility for beverages, reduced allergens for personal care products, and improved sweetness for low-calorie foods.


An extensive selection of innovative natural chemicals which deliver an authentic aromatic profile to a variety of flavours and fragrances.

Organic oils

Organically-certified ingredients for the food and fragrance industry, supplied by Treatt through their Earthoil division.

Vegetable oils

A range of more than 20 conventional, organic and fair-trade cold pressed vegetable seed oils from Treatt’s state-of-the art oil mill in Kenya.


Fusions use Treatt’s signature natural ingredients to give customers’ products an edge and stay ahead of the competition. They are carefully blended to give unique flavour profiles and improve flavour and aroma in beverages.  There are also options for improving flavour and mouthfeel in reduced calorie applications.

Treatt Brew Solutions

Treatt Brew Solutions - brewers supplies in Bury St Edmunds

In the competitive brewing industry, innovative new products are essential to stay ahead of the market. There is a huge interest and demand for "craft" and flavoured beers, with distinctive tastes and aromas.

Treatt’s natural ingredient offerings provide brewers with convenient, consistent and cost-effective ways to create new beers, ciders and spirits. Contact Treatt for the products and experienced advice you’ll need to take your brews to the next level, or see their dedicated website.

Fair Trade

Treatt’s personal care division, Earthoil, manufactures naturally-derived personal care ingredients, specialising in organic and fair trade, reflecting the company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, farming and production.

Through a community fund and a commitment to independent fair trade certification for each project, Earthoil is dedicated to projects which benefit the lives of their growers and workers around the world.


Treatt in the Community

For many years Treatt has supported charities in Bury St Edmunds with donations and more recently with volunteering workand support, and has also supported its employees’ own fundraising efforts. 

Since 2007 Treatt has raised many thousands of pounds for East Anglian Children's Hospices, and recently their brewing experts helped local craft brewery Brewshed to create a Christmas pudding flavoured ale to raise funds for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

They are also committed to good environmental practice; a number of employees are nominated as waste champions and have the responsibility for reducing waste within their part of the business. Treatt is working towards a "zero land fill waste" strategy and have a number of initiatives to further minimise their carbon footprint.


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