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Having had an operation in January and struggled to lose weight for a long time, I sought out Kevin as a Personal Trainer. He has been incredibly patient, encouraging me to strengthen my redundant core muscles, work around existing conditions, and improve long-standing problems that I had struggled with for years. I am regaining shoulder movement that I had lost after having a frozen shoulder,. I have strengthened a set of weak knees, and bought a bike, something that would have been incomprehensible to me six months ago. I can now do sit ups unaided, which a few short weeks ago were impossible, and every week, I seem to reach a new milestone. I can heartily recommend Kevin's patience and teaching style, he is friendly and full of good advice.
Both me and my partner have issues with our backs,my partner much more than myself,struggling to bend down to put his socks on in the morning,not being able to stretch down only as far as his knees.We wanted to find someone who could help us both to loose weight and exercise without damaging our backs further.We have been with Kevin just over 4months and he has been amazing.We have both lost over 2stone each,about 5inches off our waists.What a transformation,just 1hour a week in the gym with Kevin giving us all the support we both needed with exercise and healthy eating advice we are feeling on top of the world!Goals which we never thought we could achieve just by changing the way we eat,exercise and positive thinking!My partner can now nearly touch his toes which he never thought he would be able to do and that's all thanks to Kevin !Its been an amazing journey so far,once we get back from our holidays we will be back in the gym doing it all again! Paula and Mark
Just completed the Nordic walking training at West Stow park. It's not just walking with sticks !! It turns walking into a proper work out if you want to , and that's the important bit . It's very inclusive so anyone can do it whatever age/ fitness you are. Kevin is a very enthusiastic trainer and is passionate about the benefits of Nordic Walking , he explains everything clearly & supports individuals as we go round the walk. There are walking groups you can join afterwards so you can keep it up afterwards. Give it a go !
Not having exercised for some time and gradually gained weight, this led to back problems so I decided to contact Kevin Marshall of Positive Steps. I have not looked back since. I have just completed my 13th session and my fitness and core strength has improved so much. Kevin is so positive and very encouraging and would highly recommend to anyone starting out on their fitness journey.
I am visually impaired and to my knowledge Kevin had not previously instructed a VI person to Nordic walk before but he took the time and trouble to consult with Angela a brilliant local sight loss professional and fellow Nordic walker for valuable guidance and support which gave me the confidence to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. After a few 1 to 1 sessions of instruction from Kevin I was able to gain enough confidence to walk with the main group which is great. Kevin arranges for one of the team to walk with me as a guide to constantly issue friendly verbal instructions throughout the walk and when a little unsure I just use the walking poles as a white cane substitute to navigate the more intricate obstructions. I will be looking to do some long walks in the very near future and with Kevin and the teams great support have every confidence it will be possible.
As part of my retirement plan to get fit I signed up for a 4 week 'Learn to Nordic Walk' course in January 2015 with Kevin Marshall of Positive Steps. I can honestly say I haven't looked back since. Kevin was very encouraging whilst making sure our technique was correct and it was amazing to see how quickly the group's fitness and stamina improved. Following on from the initial tuition, the organised guided walks have taken me to stunning parts of Suffolk that I would never have discovered on my own. I have enjoyed the company of like minded walkers and re-connected with nature and the changing seasons. Kevin is passionate about what he does and takes great delight in enabling individuals to succeed in raising their fitness and wellbeing. He is one of those rare people who are really good at what they do and I would recommend him without reservation. Maureen B-S
I took up an offer aimed at bringing sporting activities to the villages of Mid Suffolk, and joined a six week Nordic Walking course, lead and instructed by Kevin of Positive Steps Personal Training.Six weeks on and I have my certificate, my poles and am walking all over the place as well as with one of Kevin's regular groups. I have started (in retirement) to find a new level of fitness and an inspirational leader who motivates and encourages us to meet our personal goals, however modest! Thanks Kevin.
I have been promising to send you an email for ages to say how delighted we are with the personal training you have been taking my husband and I through. As you know I have been having chemotherapy for a blood cancer and have been advised that there is research to show that exercise with chemotherapy improves outcomes. It would certainly seem that my white blood count started to pick up after we started to do regular exercise and it has made me feel physically and emotionally healthier. At 61 I am beginning to get fitter!! My husband who is 71 and hates exercise has had to, grudgingly, admit that he feels fitter, can do things in the garden that he would have struggled with a year ago and is not as achy as he has been. He actually confessed to enjoying our sessions with you. When we get started! He is seeing a cardiologist and, both he and his GP, said the exercise he is doing is beneficial. We are convinced It has improved his blood pressure and it would have appeared to have reduced the irregular heart rhythm he suffered with. Many thanks again. Lorraine and Colin
Trying Nordic walking was this years New Years resolution for me. I have found since starting that my balance has improved as my leg muscles strengthen and my posture has improved too. I can also take our labradoodle Nordic walking with his harness attached to a belt my hands are free to use my poles. I go out on my own as well as joining the organised walks at various venues in the area, it's so nice to meet up with other Nordic walkers.
I was looking for a new form of exercise that was sociable and enjoyable and that is what Nordic walking has given me. It is a total body workout, in the fresh air and can be done on your own or in groups. Since learning to Nordic walk I have found my overall fitness, posture and core muscles have improved tremendously. It is nice to be able to participate in a form of exercise that has physical, mental and social benefits.
Kevin demonstrates each exercise by example and gives enormous encouragement, with each session he uses his observations to change the programme to fit your progress and capability yet all the time remaining focused on your objectives and once you see them within your reach it becomes enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recomend that anyone wanting to improve their physical wellbeingand fitness should make an appointment with Kevin Marshall. John Lewis
Having been a regulars at a Gym for some time, my mother and I fell into the trap of doing the same old exercises week after week. It was suggested that we may like to have a session with Kevin. We have now had a few sessions with Kevin, what a difference he has made, he has put together personal exercise programmes for us both and works hard to keep us both motivated and we are both already seeing great results not just losing weight but improving our overall fitness. We would both recommend Kevin, as he is dedicated and and his main aim is to help you reach your personal goals.
I have played sport all my life and had recently been suffering with shoulder and back pain. The physiotherapist suggested a personal trainer to improve my core strength and flexibility. After a few weeks tuition with Kevin, I have noticed a considerable improvement. He provides exercise sheets, which I do in between sessions and as a result my back pain has gone and I am able to play tennis again, which is great. Thanks to Kevin.
We used Kevin's services as a Personal Trainer to help with core work and stamina before attempting a trek to Everest Base Camp. He was excellent at tailoring his approach to exactly what we needed. We made Base Camp without any problems and I am confident that the effort that we put in with Kevin made a huge difference. He makes the sessions enjoyable and rewarding, we even sneaked in a Nordic Walking Session into the program. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.
Kevin is a fantastic personal trainer, not only does he take the time to get to know you and come up with a programme that fits in around your lifestyle and objectives, but he constantly challenges you to make sure you get the best out of your time together, and is completely flexible.
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