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I had been searching for slim fitting trousers for ages without success. As a pear shape I thought I would never find what I wanted. Lorraine listened to me, assessed my size and shape by eye and said she'd be in touch. 2 days later she texted me with details of what she thought would suit me. I was able to order them on line and when they arrived they were perfect fit , flattering and a great price. Wish I'd used Lorraine ages ago I would have been saved so much time, frustration and money. Lorraine you will be my go to lady for all my clothes needs in future. A very big thank you.
Lorraine offers a great service and goes the extra mile . I needed some accessories which not only did Lorraine find but also sent me photos so I could choose. She picked colours I would not have thought of and has creared me a very personal stylish outfit. Thank you
Loraine has a fantastic eye for trends and fashion. She always finds me something I love.Highly recommend
If I looked good tonight it is because of you. Everything I buy, every colour, every style, every cut is because of what you taught me. Youare a very talented lady and I m eternity grateful. Love you.
I meet Loraine at the Long Melford Best of Bury coffee mornings and was really intrigued by what she ‘claimed’ to do. I took away her information and then my Mum paid towards Loraine’s bill for the full works, for my birthday present, before then we had an emergency shop to buy an outfit for my birthday party and I was really impressed and amazed that I got the whole outfit in about 2 hours for less than £100! Loraine is very on the ball and will literally hunt and even buy items she believes will suit you before you even start shopping! So the deal was Loraine came to the house to go through my wardrobe and find out what fits, what doesn’t, what suits, what doesn’t and what we can work with...I didn’t have that many clothes left, but I found this quite exciting and as I had just had my birthday and I had vouchers for Debenhams and Fat face (where I had always shopped). I had been to Debenhams personal shoppers before and always thought I had come home with a good selection of clothes that really suited me – I have since learnt that they are on commission and are there to sell clothes! So My Mum and I met Loraine in Cambridge to shop – what could be better? To be honest we found some good items in Debenhams but the complete lack of customer service in the shop really spoilt the day and we all (me, Mum & Loraine) felt drained from the experience so we called it a day. Loraine felt so bad because of someone else’s customer service, that she met me in Sudbury to do some further clothes shopping in Fat face and Dorothy Perkins (not much choice in Sudbury). I continued to see Loraine at the Long Melford coffee mornings and we have since become friends, more recently I have separated from my husband and lost weight and was again feeling like I had nothing to wear that fitted me that I felt comfortable in and that was me, so I asked Loraine to come shopping with me and we met in Bury. Loraine had already picked up a few items; she thought I might like, the dress she had I have literally fallen in love with – it’s become a favourite of mine now. Loraine was quite surprised, pleasantly so, I think that since separating from my Husband and losing weight I had started to find the real me and we finally found my style that worked and that really does take the inches off. If I have learnt one thing from Loraine, it is if you dress correctly for your SHAPE, you can and will look and feel amazing and will get the compliments you deserve. It feels so great to put on clothes that fit and compliment your shape, that you know you will look great in and that you don’t need to ask someone else, because you know you look stunning – so what’s does it matter what anyone else thinks anyway – I now have the confidence to shop in places like Phase Eight and Angela’s boutique in Long Melford – no more Fat Face for me - Thank you Loraine Callow.

Reply from Miriam W:
Well this is just superb news and thank you so much for telling us about your great experience. Well Done Loraine callow. You know your stuff
I consulted Loraine back in the Summer when I felt I needed some assistance with updating and organising my wardrobe. I was really impressed with Loraine's expertise - she helped me to make the most of clothes I had, showing me how to wear them to make the most of my body shape. She recommended a couple of key pieces for me to purchse that complemented clothes that I seldom wore, opening up a whole new wardrobe that I could wear with confidence. Loraine made our half day really fun and inspiring - I will definitely be giving her a call to come and help me with my Spring/Summer wardrobe!
Loraine came and went through my wardrobe and gave me all sorts of ideas. I had been facing a complete mid-life crisis about what to wear and how I looked, and she has given me back confidence about how to dress. She also had lots of lovely clothes that I could try on and buy! I would recommend her to anyone, she was so nice about it all!
Fantastic Day with you Loraine. I can see that the image and style consultation being a massive part of change for me.Audrey Hepburn, here I come.You dserve to do well.I love your sense of humour and humility.
Had a baby 10mths ago, and returned to work this week. So needed to sort out my clothes! I met Lorraine and she was great. She looked through my current wardrobe and gave me some great tips of how to update and improve my best bits really easily. She brought loads of lovely designer gear with her and I picked up three total bargains. Then we went shopping to get a few new key items. I was on a tight budget but Lorraine can cater for everyone. I awlays used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when I went shopping but I really enjoyed the experience with Lorraine and the ones I've had on my own since. I now feel a lot more confident and have already had loads of compliments on how I've been dressing.
I love the fact that Lorraine is so approachable and non judgemental. She also has a great sense of humour and has a way of making you feel good about yourself, not only in the way she chooses great clothes but also knowing she genuinely cares.
Loraine always looks so stylish herself - such a great advert for her business! She has a great eye for fashion and detail, making it fun, appropriate for the occasion intended and is so encouraging in getting you to try different, shapes, styles and looks that you may not have previously considered. Worth every penny.
Loraine gave me some super advise before Christmas with a Xmas Party ' what to wear' dilemma. The bingo wings... She persuaded me to invest in a shrug which fits perfectly. Of course that meant I bought that LBD with her help too. Nowcome and sort my wardrobe!
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