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Green Duck have looked after our computer systems for several years now. They are always there when we need help.
We have worked with Green Duck for a number of years and on many projects including training support. Green Duck have a detailed knowledge of our business and work closely with us in tailoring courses to suit our specific requirements. The courses are well run with knowledgeable and experienced trainers and together with the new facilities at Green Duck’s offices provides for a professional and well received training experience. Paul Sambrook Group Commercial Director Servest Group Limited
Mat, Graham and the team are real experts in their field. They take innovative approaches to all areas of their client's IT requirements and, I believe, have a major edge in terms of technical capability against their competitors. As a resut they offer a great responsive service and are perfect support partners.
I get the feeling that Green Duck normally supports the bigger businesses with their IT needs but they sorted out my home networking issues with ease. Now its sorted but if ever I need further help they can remotely access my PC and fix any problems - amazing stuff, thanks guys!
Graham and his team rescued me (well, my laptop) in a moment of crisis! He worked fast and I was hugely pleased with the result. Thank you.
We use Geen Duck for our work computers and they are fantastic. It amazes me when I can fix a problem down the phone, but they seam to be able to talk me through it with no trouble. If the problem is bigger than can be sorted on the phone, they are out to our office within hours of us calling them.
What can I say... we would not have ʼThe BEst fo Bury St Edmundsʼ up and running without the support of these great guys... they take all the pain out of IT and all computer related probs... they even answer their phome on a Saturday... whilst at a cricket match! Honest
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Microsoft Certified Partner
Microsoft Certified Partner