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I have been a regular, long standing customer of Geecol Wellness Ltd and I can not recommend them highly enough; in fact, I've been doing that since day 1; Gudrun is such an approachable, professional, caring, kind individual with an immense amount of knowledge, compassion and spirit. She's a very good listener; I love her holistic approach and has helped me detecting issues where other professionals failed to recognise or understand. I believe that Gudrun has been able to pinpoint the real source of issues by simply listening for 'triggers' that may occur in day to day life depending on your life style, type of job, level of stress etc. I would not contemplate going to see anyone else and rather wait to see Gudrun :-) and many personal referrals feel the same; they are just The Best!!
Friendly, professional team who really care about their clients. The GeeCol team are always striving to keep up to date with the latest research and breakthroughs to supply the best service.
I have been treated by Geecol wellness for 8 years following a diagnosis of Lymphoedema after my treatment for cancer. I am extremely grateful for their professional yet equally personal approach to treating me, although lymphoedema is a physical condition there is a huge psychological element to it also, the Geecol staff are fully aware of this and have been immensely helpful with this side of things for me. I trust them 100% in their treatment and would be happy to recommend them to anyone with Lymphoedema.
I have been treated by Geecol Wellness for many years after diagnosis of Lymphodeama/Lipodeama. The treatment I have received has been excellent, and without doubt had I not found them I don't think I would now be mobile. Every therapist I have seen has been wonderful; nothing is too much trouble. Thank you Geecol Welllness for giving me back my life, and helping me live with this condition. You are STARS !!
Over the several years that GeeCol Wellness have been treating my lymphoedema I have always been met with nothing but a friendly and considerate attitude and always received truly professional therapy from all the practitioners. I can't recommend GeeCol highly enough to other people in need. Truly 'best of Bury'.
Professionalism, kindness, understanding of problems and coming up with timely solutions. I would not be living a cured healthy life without their expertise and care. They go the "extra mile" for all their clients every day in every way..
Geecol Wellness is a valuable part of the Bury St Edmunds health support. Not only do I personally, use the preventative medicine side of their practice, I also refer many clients to them. They are professional, experienced and lovely to deal with, whatever is wrong with you.
After a very serious hand injury Geecoll helped greatly with the swelling which was restricing my recovery. There all round care and attention was great.
Geecol has been an essential part of my wellness and recovery from cancer surgery. The bright and cheery atmosphere are conducive to feeling positive. I highly recommend Gudrun and co to anyone who has issues With Lymphodoema or muscle or joint pain. We are lucky to have such an internationally important practitioner in Bury St Edmunds.
I could sit at this computer all day and praise GeeCol for what they do for Lymphoedema suffers but there would not be sufficient space on the page. My wife would not be where she is today had it not been for them. Hospitals and GP's have no interest. Thank you again GeeCol Wellness Ltd.
I have attended GeeCol Lymphoedema services for issues pertaining to my legs following a skiing accident; following the treatment I have had amazing muscle recovery allowing me to continue skiing. Their service is always very professional and relaxing. I would be very happy to recommend their treatments for lymphoedema and Muscular issues.
I have been going to Geecol Wellness for many years and am very impressed at the professional, attentive attention given each time. Gudrun manages to find all my knots of tension and releases the pressure within a short time as well as giving expert advise. I always feel so much more relaxed after the massage and I know if I have any questions Gudrun will reassure me. Excellent and very beneficial, deep massages for stress and tension.
I have personally used Geecol Wellness Ltd for several years for various issues . Having searched and used numerous therapists and treatments I finally found my saviour . Gudrun Collins is an exceptional person , trained and skilled in various treatments . I have never met a person who is so driven to help people and treat them accordingly , this reflects in all areas of her business , she goes the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the best treatment and will continue until the problem/issue is solved . I have recommended GeeCol Wellness to several people who in turn have used her knowledge and skills to a positive end .
Gudrun not only provides a first class professional service, but also educates, to ensure her patients get the best out of the services provided. She provides flexible appointment times to fit it with other commitments I have. Overall - A great service with great results
Gudrun is extremely professional and dedicated to her work. I have the good fortune to be treated by her following the death of my wife over six years ago (when she pulled out all the stops dealing with her lymphatic disorder). I regard it as a privilege to be her client. She is certainly an expert in her field and works extremely hard.
Having received nearly two years of treatment from Geecol for my primary lymphoedema, I strongly recommend their services. They were very highly rated only four weeks ago by the most senior lymphoedema specialist in the UK. Their care attention to every facet of treatment and my general wellbeing is far in excess of the therapists I have used in the past. The results of their intensive treatment sessions are always in line or exceed my expectations.
This business offers professional management of a condition called Lymphoedema. It has occurred in my case following surgery related to cancer. Mrs Gudrun Collins and her team of therapists offer a very specialised professional service which has helped me to manage my own condition. With their help and expert guidance, my condition which can be very unsightly, uncomfortable and disfiguring is under control. They offer a very friendly efficient service and nothing is too much trouble. They offer lots of good practical advice. I call them my second support service as they offer me continued support for what is a lifelong condition. They are always cheerful and friendly, and they treat people as individuals and with respect and dignity. They are wonderful people and it is a fantastic service. Bury St Edmunds is very lucky to have this service in its boundaries.
I can highly recommend Gudrun and Sabrina. My back and general wellbeing is so much better for regular treatment. They take the time to understand how I am feeling and finding the route cause of any problem rather than the symptom
Since being referred to Geecol for lymphoedema in my legs I have received nothing except very professional first class care and attention along with my treatment. Nothing is too much trouble. The staff are so caring and helpful I couldn't wish for a better service, whats more they have made great improvements to my condition and I only wish that I had known about them earlier. I would recommend GeeCol without any hesitation whatsoever.
I had a couple of sessions of manual lymphatic drainage from Gudrun which helped incredibly with my lymphi
Being a keen gardener, but getting on in years, I have been receiving remedial and relaxing massages from Gudrun for several years. For a professional approach and with a wide knowledge and experience of all manner of problems I could not think of anyone better suited to treat them. Peter R. 14.12.15 *****
The professional approach is very evident on your first visit a complete history of your past health is requested before an assessment of your complaint takes place. Every aspect of the cause and reason for your condition is explained to you and the treatment is carried out with feeling and effect. The swelling and pain in my legs after knee replacement surgery was very successfully treated. Suffering from arthritis for a large number of years had greatly affected my posture and ability to walk normally the massage and exercises recommended have done wonders for a person almost 90 years old. GeeCol Wellness Ltd. have helped to restore my life I am able to do things that I enjoyed doing 30 years ago once again. "What more can one say"
I have been treated by Gudrun and her team for many years for lymphodema/lypodeama of my legs. the advice, support and treatment has been outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble, the support is brilliant and very professional . I would not hesitate to recommend this service.
Much as I love my job it is a very physical one, and I was struggling to cope with the aches and pains associated with certain parts of it until I started to have deep tissue massage with Gudrun at Geecol Wellness. After regular visits I found I was able to enjoy the work again having had so much relief by the massage. I heartily recommend this treatment carried out by such a professional company.
Consultation, explanation of the issue and treatment are all done in a highly professional but approachable manner. The directors appear to be genuinely interested in keeping pace with current developments in their particular discipline.
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