X Factor Live shows Week 2 review!
17th October 2011
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Did Frankie lose his Swagger? Did Nu  Vibe become No Vibe? 

So this week’s X Factor has been and gone, but how did it pan out? With a weekly theme of Love and Heartache, it presented an opportunity for contestants to blast out some belters and add their own twists to some classics. 

First things first though, what were the judges wearing?

Gary was sporting a fashionable grey suit whilst Louis went for his traditional Black suit. The verdict from thebestof Burton was that Kelly was dressed thebest of the two female judges, wearing a sexy red dress, whilst Tulisa wore an equally sexy Black patterned dress.

Well, after last week’s disappointing “top secret twist”, there was much hype surrounding this week’s show. However with viewings down by 2 million and show boss Simon Cowell reportedly furious, did this week’s show once again fail to live up to the expectations?

Nu Vibe, or “No Vibe” as Louis and Gary renamed them after their performance, kick started the show, and the tone was seemingly set. Singing a dance twisted rendition of “With or without you” by U2, on raised podiums, surely the show could only get better! 

Next up was Sami, singing a “Cruise ship” cover of the Witney Houston classic, I will always love you. I’m still undecided on whether or not I like Sami, however she was a massive improvement on No Vibe, and the judges unanimously enjoyed the performance. 

Standout performances on the night came from the contestants favourite Craig, singing Beyonce’ Best thing I ever had with Gary labelling Craig as being “in a league of his own” and Tulisa commenting on his versatility after another great performance. Firm favourite Janet covered Elvis Preseleys Falling in love with you and Tulisa seemingly loved her performance after stating that the song was meant for Janet. Gary and Louis also loved the cover, describing Janet herself as  a “great translator” of music, “feeling and believing” every word she sings. Sophie and The risk rounded off the top 4 performances of the night, singing Wherever  you will go by the calling and Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. Not all the judges agreed with the quality of Sophies performance, with Gary stating that he feels she lacks a certain spark, on the other hand Kelly labelled the contestant a star. The top performance of the night came from The Risk. With an excellent rendition of the beautiful “just the way you are”, the judges all loved the performance; meant to be, pure class and brilliant boy band being just a few of the superlatives used to describe the group. 


Katy Perry and The Wanted were the entertainment for eviction night, well part of the entertainment, the hilarious cringe worthy performance from the 12 remaining contestants was another controversial talking point. The lip synced cover of “Hello” by Martin Solveig’s was nothing short of a technical disaster, with very unconvincing miming skills by all of the contestants - on the plus side, there’s massive room for improvement. 


The votes were then drawn together, which left Frankie and Nu Vibe singing against each other in the final showdown. Nu Vibe performed Cheryl Cole’s Promise This, while Frankie tackled Daniel Merriweathers Red. Gary, Kelly and Louis all voted to keep Frankie in the competition which sent Nu Vibe packing.

Who’s your favourite? Who Do you want to win? Who will go next week? Check back the same time next week where we will keep you up to date with the weekend’s events.


Best dressed judge: Kelly

Performance of the night: The Risk – Just the way you are

Most entertaining performance: Kitty – Alice and Wonderland themed cover of Oh so quiet

Most disappointing performance: Johnny 

Evicted from the competition – Nu Vibe AKA No Vibe


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