Want to be a wedding photographer??
5th April 2011
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So you want to be a photographer.  That is a wish expressed by someone at almost every wedding I cover.  Well perhaps there is no better time to do it.  If you have had this thought in your mind for a while or perhaps your job has become unsecure and you think you may be ready for a change...why not.

The only problem, and I am not blowing my own trumpet here, it is not a easy as it looks.  Or at least a professional photographer should make it look easy and make the happy couple relax.  I have had a number of brides over the years coming into the studio, sometimes in tears, having had their special day photographed by well meaning relatives with a keen interest in photography who have offered to supply the wedding pictures.

I then get the task of having to salvage what can be saved and produce an album from unplanned and dodgy images

It is because of these occasions that I have decided to start "Wedding Photography Classes."  These will be for  keen amateurs who have a good all round knowledge of their equipment but would like to know how to go about photographing a wedding without spoiling that special day.

My next class is due in April so if you think you might like to join us please go to my website and contact me by email.






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