Burton on Trents beloved Marmite banned in Denmark?!
26th May 2011
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Burton on Trents beloved Marmite banned in Denmark?!

You’ve probably heard the rumours by now, and yes it is true, Burton on Trents world famous Marmite has been banned in Denmark! This has caused uproar around the country with many marmite fanatics setting up facebook groups such as “If Denmark can ban our Marmite we should ban their Danish bacon” and “Bring back Marmite in Denmark”, seemingly just the start of a campaign that will grow and grow as news of the ban spreads around the country.

A Danish spokesperson has come out to state that by law authorities must give their approval for food fortified by vitamins or minerals before sale. The Danes have gone on record to state that: "We have no record of an application for the sale of the product, so we have neither forbidden or accepted it."

Nutritionist Melanie Brown told the BBC she believed a ban on Marmite, which is rich in B-vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin, would be counterproductive.

"Marmite plays such a useful part in many people's diet, and in my practice it's incredibly useful for older people...who are short in vitamin B12.

"It's full of folic acid, and there's lots of evidence that many women, young women of child-bearing age are deficient in folic acid," she said.

So, what are you views on the proposed ban, do you love it or hate it? Let us know what you think and join in the discussion on facebook, and make sure you “like” our fan page.

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