Top Tips for Tyre Care in Winter
30th November 2015
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Tyres are an expensive part of any car and caring for them is vitally important for your safety all year around.  However, during winter extra attention needs to be given to your tyres and here are some top tips for caring for them during the winter. 

Tyre Pressure – Always keep a tyre pressure gauge in your car, so that you can check the pressure on a regular basis.  Tyre pressure is measured in pounds per square inch and tyres should be inflated between 33 and 35 pounds per square inch unless a sticker on the driver’s side door or glove box states a different level of pressure.  In warmer weather you’d probably check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks, but during the winter weather, you should check the pressure every week.

Tyre Wear – Check the tread on your tyres; you can use a small coin to do this and if you can see the top of the head once placing it into the tread of the tyre then it’s probably time to replace the tyre.  During the winter you need traction and grip on the roads, because it can get icy and you need to be able to maintain control of the car.  Also, rotate your tyres to ensure that wear and tear is spread evenly through the tyre.  This will ensure that the tyre can last as long as possible, so it’s more cost effective tyre care.

On the Road – Take care of your tyres whilst driving for example, where possible and safe avoid driving through potholes.  If you do have to drive through them, do it with care not at speed.  Large bumps in the road can also cause damage to the tread on your tyres.  It’s not always possible or indeed safe to avoid these, but if you take routes where you know there are a number of bumps and potholes, do take the time to consider if there are alternative routes with smoother road surfaces.


Many of us prefer to leave these checks and care to the experts and if you need some help this winter to care for and protect the tyres on your car speak to Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre.  They’ll be able to give you further advice and in-depth tips for winter tyre care, but can also carry out checks and maintenance on your behalf too.

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