Tips for looking after your tyres
10th September 2015
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First off, it’s important to check your tyre pressures regularly. Under or over inflated tyres can cause safety issues when driving as under inflated ones can overheat and over inflated can lead to poor handling on the road; neither of which are good when out and about in your car.

As well as safety, if your tyres aren’t at the right pressure then they will suffer more damage compared to those at the correct pressure and will need replacing more frequently. If they are under inflated then this can increase fuel consumption too which obviously increases costs as well. In addition, tyres correctly pressurised will maintain optimum fuel efficiency which will benefit the environment through less CO2 emissions.

It’s important to do regular visual checks of your tyres as any cuts, lumps or bumps can lead to sudden failure of your tyres. If you see any of those symptoms on any of your tyres, it is vital you get it checked out by a professional tyre specialist as soon as possible. Damage can be caused by hitting kerbs, potholes or objects in the road and these can also cause your wheels to go out of alignment. If your wheels become misaligned then you risk more rapid or un-even wear of your tyres. You may also find that performing an emergency break (and let's hope you never have too), may lead to a ‘flat spot’ being created which will ultimately speed up the need for premature tyre removal and replacement.

One of the other major reasons for regularly checking your tyres, is that British law dictates that all vehicles are fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the make and model in question and that they are fit for purpose, i.e. that they have the correct pressures and are fitted correctly.

In addition, the law also states that, around the full circumference of the tyre, there must be 1.6mm of tread across the central three-quarters of the tyres breath. As soon as even the smallest part of the tyre comes under this 1.6mm tread depth, the tyre must be replaced. This is a legal requirement as too little tread can affect the grip your car has on the road and can cause aquaplaning when the surface is wet. Depth is essential in order to disperse the water from the tyres so that you keep going on your intended course rather than careering off.

If you want to have your tyres check by a professional or think it’s time to talk through getting a new set for your car, Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre are here to help with all of your tyre needs!

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