Is my exhaust system in my car broken?
13th April 2016
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Your exhaust system in your car is very important and if it is not in a good working condition, it can have a negative effect on your fuel mileage, the environment and your safety. A car’s exhaust system removes the gases created when the fuel and air are burned in the car’s combustion chamber. The gases found in the exhaust system are harmful to people as well as the environment which means you should have regular checks of the system to ensure your safety.

What are the common problems with exhaust systems in cars?

  • Rust/ Corrosion
  • A problem with your Oxygen sensor
  • Muffler has got rust
  • Catalytic converter could be blocked

Rust of the exhaust pipe is probably the most common problem with the exhaust system. Corrosion of the exhaust is caused when moisture or water is present in the pipe; causing the iron in the steel forming iron oxide.

A problem with your oxygen sensor is normally noticed when your fuel consumption decreased. Usually this is a problem over time whereby the oxygen sensor begins to wear out and become less accurate.

As  you can see there are many reasons behind the exhaust system not working but Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre will be able to help!

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