Importance of a Winter Tyre Check
31st January 2017
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It gives our car better traction keeping us from skidding off the ice and preventing accidents. Having said this, keeping our winter tyres in check is important during winter.

The first thing we need to check is if our tyres are under- inflated or over- inflated as this can cause problems on the road. Under- inflated tyres are more susceptible to overheating while over- inflated can affect the steering of the car which can add to the chances of accidents on the road.

Another aspect that we need to check is the tyre’s tread has already changed. This can lead to a longer time needed for the car to stop and the tyres no longer perform well as before. The legal limit of tread wear is 1.6mm only and if your car exceeds this limit, you can be fined £2,500 for each tyre.

Always check the condition of your tyres when it's already cold. When in use, the tyres will normally warm up and might alter your pressure readings so give it an hour or so for it to cool down before checking it for wear and tear as well as its pressure.

There are two ways to check whether the tyre is over or under inflated. If treads on the side of your tyre are worn, it's under- inflated but if the center of the tyre tread is worn than on the sides, then it's over- inflated.

If you saw any signs of irregularity or you're doubting if your car is good for long drives during winter, contact Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre to have it thoroughly checked. Their services specialises in keeping your tyres in its best condition.

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